Melanie Martinez ‘Crybaby’ Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hello my readers!

Since I was backed up yesterday, I am posting twice today! If you missed out on my new post that I just posted, just check it out on the bottom of this post. I did a tutorial teaching you guys how to transform your eyes to makeup that is inspired by the mysterious cat- The Cheshire Cat.

Since I have done a lot of Disney and Superhero inspired makeup, I haven’t really focused on music yet! So now I am deciding to do a makeup inspired by a singer who I am pretty sure you know who she is- Melanie Martinez!

If you don’t know who she is, she is a singer who competed on The Voice, a singing reality show, but sadly didn’t win. Since then, she’s released a ton of songs. One of her most popular is a track called “Crybaby.”

I will post the link to her VEVO channel so if you haven’t heard of who she is, you can check her out and maybe become a fan! This makeup is super fun and simple to do, so enjoy and let’s get started!

Things you’ll need:

  • Eyelid primer
  • Black eyeliner
  • Dark blue eyeliner
  • Light blue eyeshadow
  • White eyeliner
  • Light pink or lavender eyeshadow
  • Sponge applicators
  • Mascara and/or false eyelashes


  1. Prime your eyelids so this way the eyeshadow will stay on.
  2. Take your eyeshadow brush and just apply some light pink eyeshadow all over your eye. If you don’t have light pink eyeshadow, use a lavender color.
  3. So now, both your lids are all nice and pink or purple.
  4. Just line your eyes like normal and add a slight wing.
  5. On the center of your wing, draw a teardrop outline using a dark blue eyeliner.
  6. Now use a sponge applicator or an eyeshadow brush and fill in the teardrop with a light blue eyeshadow.
  7. Now your teardrop is filled with blue, take a white eyeliner and just draw one small curved line towards the top and side so it looks like its glistening.
  8. If you’re using false eyelashes, just apply those and if you are not using falsies, just apply mascara to finish your makeup.

Now you’re done and you should look like Crybaby! This makeup is very simple and I hope you guys enjoyed this! I was listening to the Crybaby album while writing this entry.

Click here to check out Melanie’s music:

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Cheshire Cat Inspired Eye Makeup

Hey guys!

Welcome back to the Complicated Fashion! I was supposed to post this yesterday but once again life has caused me to back up and not have time. However, this is being published now.

Today’s eye makeup is inspired by the animated adaptation of Alice In Wonderland. There has been so many different versions of the movie as well as the character we are focusing on today which is the mysterious but loved Cheshire Cat.

In the Disney cartoon, he was purple and pink, Tim Burton’s version he was gray and blue. I think this makeup you can do it casually with any color combo. So, let’s teach you guys how to do this makeup!

Things you’ll need:

  • Hot Pink eyeshadow
  • Dark Purple eyeshadow
  • White eyeshadow
  • Baby Pink eyeshadow
  • Black eyeliner
  • White eyeliner
  • Eye glitter (optional)
  • Eyelash glue (optional)
  • False eyelashes (optional)
  • Mascara
  • Sponge Applicators
  • Eyelid Primer


  1. Prime your eyes so the eyeshadow can stay onto your lids better.
  2. On the tip of a sponge applicator, make a line using hot pink eyeshadow from the middle of your eye to where you would normally do a wing, but get the line close to your waterline.
  3. Fill in the other half of the line you just made with a dark purple going towards your inner corner of your eye.
  4. Using your eyeshadow brush or a different applicator, dip it in the white shadow again and apply the shadow from the inner corner of your eye to almost the part of your eye where you will normally apply your wing. Make sure this white goes over the pink so the two shadows don’t overlap.
  5. Using another applicator or a side of an already used applicator, apply purple to the crease on your lid.
  6. Going back to the white area you just made, on your brush add some baby pink shadow and make a slight wing. Your shadow should give kind of an ombre affect.
  7. On top of the purple you applied to your crease, just apply some hot pink right above your crease.
  8. Make sure this makeup goes almost up to your eyebrow.
  9. Line your lower waterline with a white eyeliner.
  10. Take purple eyeshadow and just apply it on your under-eye from your inner corner out to where your pink wing is. Your purple line and your pink line should meet in a wing.
  11. Now take a purple eyeliner and line your upper waterline.
  12. If you are using falsies, you would apply them now followed by a few coats of mascara. If you are not using false eyelashes, just apply as many coats of mascara as you want.
  13. If you would like to use the eye glitter and eye glue to make your makeup more sparkly, make sure you have pink and/or purple glitter that is the same tone as the shadow you already used.
  14. Just brush on some glue and apply the glitter wherever you want on your makeup.

And you are done!

I know there is a lot of reading to do but I did my best to make the steps that are difficult easier to read and absorb. Writing about makeup is so much fun! I am definitely going to miss this whole writing a new post everyday!

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Alice In Wonderland/ Frozen Inspired Eye Makeup!

Hello guys!

Welcome to another eye makeup post. I would’ve posted this yesterday but you know I got backed up if you read my previous post. This post I am going to teach you guys how to do another inspired eye makeup look inspired from pop culture. This figure is Alice from Alice In Wonderland. Although I think this can also be Elsa inspired eye makeup since the colors are identical. This look is very simple so please enjoy!

Things you’ll need:

  • Sponge Applicators
  • White Eyeshadow
  • Lighter Blue Eyeshadow
  • Turquoise or royal blue eyeshadow
  • Black Liquid Eyeliner
  • White Eyeliner (can be liquid or a pencil)
  • Mascara (Use two or more different brands, it works better.)
  • False Eyelashes (Optional)
  • Eyelash glue
  • Blue or white glitter
  • Eyelid Primer


Procedures for this makeup:

  1. Prime your eyelids, so the shadow stays in places and really sticks to your eyelid. It’s perfectly okay if you don’t have any primer.
  2. Next you’re going to start by taking some white eyeshadow and applying it on your actual lid. Make sure your lids are all white because the white really does add something to this look.
  3. On a different sponge applicator, take the lighter blue shadow and apply it to the tip and draw a line right above where the white ends.
  4. Take the darker blue on another applicator and go over that light blue line, so it looks nicer and it looks layered.
  5. Take some white eyeliner and line your lower waterline.
  6. Then take your black liquid eyeliner and line the top waterline and do a wing if you want, don’t make the wing too big, but make a small gentle one.
  7. Line your lower eye and make sure the black goes under the white line.
  8. If you are using falsies, just apply those, if you aren’t skip this step.
  9. Take your two mascaras and apply two coats of each. The reason why I like using multiple is because one is to just get all the lashes but the other is for making the lashes look longer.
  10. Take some eyelash glue and just apply it above the blue shadow so it’s closer to your brow, and take some body or eye glitter and just sprinkle some on the glue and on your brows if you would like.


That’s all you have to do for this makeup tutorial! Super easy right? I think this can be an Elsa or an Alice tutorial, whichever one you want, I guess.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Inspired Eye Makeup

header picture rights go to @GlitterGirlC on youtube.

It’s almost Halloween! I was supposed to post this tutorial on Monday, however I got held up so I will be posting three posts today! Now, here are some things you will need for this Nightmare Before Christmas eye makeup!

You will need to do your normal face makeup if you would like, but I am going to list the products that you can use for this makeup.

  • Eyelid primer (this just helps the shadow stay in place and stick to your lids)
  • Blue eyeshadow
  • Blue eyeliner (optional)
  • Yellow or gold eyeshadow
  • Green Eyeshadow (a lighter tone and a darker tone)
  • Pink eyeshadow
  • Black liquid eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • False Eyelashes (optional)
  • Sponge Applicators
  • 1 Eyeshadow brush


  1. Prime your eyelids like normal and make sure all the way up to your brow is primed up since this makeup takes up a majority of your eye.
  2. When I did this makeup, I started in the front all the way back, so take a sponge applicator and apply some light blue to the tip and just apply it to the corner of your eye.
  3. If you have blue eyeliner just draw a small line, do not draw the stitch marks until the end.
  4. Now fill in some gold or yellow eyeshadow so it reaches almost the center of your eyelid.
  5. Draw a line using black liquid eyeliner and draw a line at the end of your gold portion.
  6. While you have the eyeliner still out leave a bigger mark for your green part and draw a line at the end of that.
  7. Take a lighter green on an applicator and fill in that box you made for yourself.
  8. If you are really good at drawing shapes on your eyelid, draw some circles on your eyelid using a darker green shadow, or cheat and trace something small that is a circular shape.
  9. On the other side of your line you drew, apply the same gold color you did previously and leave a small part at the end of your eye for your “wing.”
  10. For the wing you’re going to take your blue eyeliner and draw a normal wing except it needs to go more vertical than a regular wing.
  11. Now do a line almost identical to the line you just did and make it more slanted but still vertical.
  12. Take the blue eyeshadow you used before and apply it in the wing that you just made.
  13. Take a thin eyeshadow brush and put some hot pink shadow on it and just rub it on the left side of the wing and on the other side of the wing so it is above the center of the first gold section.
  14. Take a cotton applicator with some pink shadow and apply it on your lower waterline.
  15. Open up your black eyeliner and draw the stitch marks on the black lines and just line your eye but don’t do a wing.
  16. If you line your lower waterline line it also.
  17. Apply two layers of mascara.
  18. If you are using falsies, just apply them now. If you are not, just apply a lot more coats of mascara.
  19. Take your blue eyeliner and draw the stitches on the first line you made and also draw stitch designs in your wing.

Now you are all done!


This look is inspired by the header picture which belongs to YouTuber GlitterGirlC and all rights go to her, I just found the picture on google images!

Stay tuned for more pop culture inspired eye makeup tutorials.

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The Secret Behind Easy Halloween Makeup!


It’s 8 days until almost-everyone’s favorite holiday of the year; Halloween. The thing about Halloween grabs interest in anyone; whether it’s the candy, scaring others, people celebrating their dark side or the costume and makeup ideas.

This year a lot of people have been going for the superhero themed costumes. I’ve been looking around on youtube for easy and fun halloween makeup tutorials. I have been watching tutorials that have been on instagram as well as youtube and I have grabbed the concept in almost every video.

Sure, actual makeup artists have done their share of crazy makeup, but also youtubers have shared their versions of this scary makeup using household products. If you have an idea for halloween that is maybe “not scary enough”, just scroll to learn how to take your average Halloween costume and turn it into a badass costume.

Materials you will need for this concept:

  • Toilet paper/paper towel
  • Liquid Latex
  • purple eyeshadow
  • red eyeshadow
  • fake blood (if you want blood droplets/the fresh look)
  • your everyday BB cream or concealer


Procedures for the basic attack look:

  1. Depending on what you want your cut to look like, you will need one to three strips of paper towel or toilet paper. You will roll this so it’s a long skinny piece, if you need to cut it in half, go ahead and do so.
  2. You will hold the strip(s) to wherever you want your cut/wound to be and either have you or a friend take liquid latex and a brush of any kind and apply it all over the strips.
  3. Wait for the latex to dry, if you are in a rush or hurry, use a blow dryer.
  4. Once the latex is fully dry, cover the cut and latex with your normal everyday concealer or BB cream so it matches your face color.
  5. Wait for the cream/concealer to dry before continuing this process.
  6. Take your eyeshadow applicator and take some purple eyeshadow and apply it around the cut area and on to the latex part but not on the strip.
  7. Take some red eyeshadow and apply it in the creases of the strip to add some color.
  8. If you are using fake blood for this makeup, take a Q-tip and dip it in the bottle of fake blood and apply it all over your strip.
  9. If you are not using fake blood, use different shades of red all over your makeup to look like dried blood.

There you go! This makeup concept was inspired by YouTube personality @beautytakenin who did a DIY Dead Disney Princess Video!

Check the video out here —–>


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Review on Torn Leggings!

Hello my wonderful readers,

It’s almost Halloween time and I am super excited, make sure to check out my Halloween inspired posts and more last minute costumes will be coming soon so stay tuned! Now, getting to my actual post.

Today I went on a small but fun shopping trip to a store called Fashion Q. It’s in a ton of malls but under different names such as Qrew, Q and Fashion Q, sometimes Q-Plus if it’s a Fashion Q Plus Size store. While I was there, they had a table with some leggings that had tears to look like the jeans with the tears. At first I had mixed feelings about these leggings and here’s why:

  1. Leggings are supposed to keep you warm. People who maybe don’t wear jeans (including me) and these may be the only kind of pants that they wear. Or maybe people wear leggings to protect their skin from the sun.
  2. If it was cold outside and someone wore these leggings for some reason, these wouldn’t keep you warm because the amount of slits in the front of the pant legs.


I don’t have an actual picture of these pants, but they were black leggings, you know normal, but on the front side there was a ton of slits going from mid-thigh all the way to the end of the legs. I of course ended up buying them with this one black lace up tank top. These leggings were surprisingly comfortable!

Of course there was some problems getting my feet through because they came out in the slits. I’ve seen torn leggings at stores but they were active leggings and I’ve judged them because I didn’t really think they would be so comfortable. Now, the reason why I brought up Halloween in the beginning was because these leggings looked like zombie pants!

This was just a short post about these leggings I am super obsessed with, if you guys happen to find any leggings like what I’ve described, I recommend you order them because you guys will love them! When I wore them when I tried them on with the shirt I bought, I felt like I belonged on stage at a rock concert.

Thank you guys for reading my blog, I really appreciate all the responses this blog has gotten and the amount of readers also.

Until next week,

The Complicated Fashion