We got a new schedule!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to this week’s post. This week’s entry isn’t a fashion/beauty topic post because I am just going to announce that we have decided on a new scheduling system! This post may be a little lengthy, but thank you in advance for reading.

I have been busy lately between my writing career, my personal life, school and this blog and I know this sounds cheesy but this blog has taught me so many positive things and I love reading your guys’ comments and messages to me. It makes me feel more honored and lucky to have such an amazing following.

So anyways, since I love writing this blog and I have so many ideas in store for this blog and what is yet to come, I decided that I will be using the schedule option to good use, meaning that I will write posts ahead of time and schedule them to be published every Wednesday at some point of the day.

I am aware of the time zones and the differences so depending on where you guys live, the post may come out on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for you guys but for my time zone, I will be scheduling it for Wednesdays.

Because of this scheduling, if I choose to cover the fashion of some celebrities at awards shows, they might be a week or two late because I do want to try to publish only one post per week for you guys so you’re not overwhelmed with notifications or emails if you are subscribed.

On another note, I do want to thank my readers and subscribers because even if you don’t send me anything or like posts, it means so much you like this blog enough to subscribe to it and that just motivates me to write this blog even more because I want to make you guys happy and post stuff that you guys would be interested in.

So if you guys do have any ideas for future posts or topics, don’t hesitate to comment because if I’m able to, I will write about your requests because it will definitely add something to this blog.

So thank you to everyone and if you haven’t yet but you would like to, scroll down to the bottom of the webpage and subscribe to this blog either via wordpress account or via email. I know that if you do choose to subscribe via email, your email will be seen by me, but I do delete those notifications and I really am NOT interested in sending you guys emails or anything other than the ones WORDPRESS sends to your email.

I don’t know if any of you guys worry of that, but I feel like it needs to be said because I don’t have any business with emailing you guys personally because I am certainly not that kind of blogger, I just have the intentions of posting new material for you guys to read and that’s all. So if you guys are worried of that, I hope you feel reassured because I do not have creepy and weird intentions.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you guys continue to read material from this blog on Wednesdays!

~The Complicated Fashion



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Outfit of the Weekend: 2/11-2/12


Hey guys!

Welcome to this week’s post, today I wanted to talk about what I am wearing today/yesterday, I think I might do this more often depending on how you guys like it. So make sure to comment and tell me what you want to see from me on this blog and I will make sure to do so. I always love requests.

So I will write a paragraph describing each item, what accessories, and below the paragraph I will write the prices, where I got them (the store’s website if applicable). So let’s get started!

On the 11th of February I wore a gray and black striped sweater-styled top i got at Fashion Q. The fabric is different from anything I have worn before and it is super comfortable. I have had it for a few months and I think I wear it more than any other top. For the pants I wore just plain black leggings I bought at Forever 21. I believe and I always stock up on these because they are comfortable and I love the new style in which it has a thicker waistband. For shoes I wore my batman converse I bought at Journey’s.

Gray and Black Sweater- $12.99 at Fashion Q

Black Basic Leggings- $3.90 at Forever 21

Batman Converse- $39.99 at Journey’s

On the 12th of February I wore a black V neck from Forever 21 as a part of their ‘basics’ collection and I paired it with a pair of Harley Quinn yoga pants I got from Hot Topic. I matched it with a floral ring from Hot Topic and a pink bracelet made of calming beads that I got for a gift. I matched the outfit with a pair of black and white Adidas superstars.

Black V-Neck- $3.90 at Forever 21

Harley Quinn Yoga Pants- Not Available

Adidas Superstars- $80.00- Adidas

My Skin Care Routine!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to this week’s post! Today I decided to write about my skin care routine because mine is pretty unique compared to others out there. This blog post also is not sponsored by any of the following brands, I just am a fan of these products. So, let’s get into the blog post, shall we?

Usually I do most of my skin care at night when I shower. In the mornings however, I do use Clean and Clear’s “continuous control” face wash on an Up and Up (Target brand) facial exfoliating pad.

After I use this face wash I apply Up and Up’s benzoyl peroxide gel on my face and when that dries, I use coconut oil on my face to help moisturize and fade some acne scars.

At night when I am in the shower I use Clean and Clear’s foaming facial cleanser to help remove some makeup I forgot to wash off beforehand, I leave this facial cleanser on my face to let it soak into my face before I rinse it off. I usually leave it on for about four minutes tops.

Next is when I get out of the shower and I put the benzoyl peroxide gel on again. This helps way more than Proactive, however it does dry my face out. So after this gel soaks in and my face is dry, I put proactive on all over my face and I wait for it to dry. After it dries I once again put coconut oil on to moisturize and fade scars.

That is my face routine, I do like to describe what I do every day so you guys can understand it better. The products are listed below in case you want to try any of these products, I definitely recommend all of these products because they make my face feel really great.

  1. Clean and Clear Continuous Control facial wash
  2. Up and Up (Target Brand) Exfoliating Pads
  3. Up and Up Benzoyl Peroxide Gel
  4. Coconut Oil
  5. Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser
  6. Proactive

I still do get breakouts, these products don’t necessarily stop the breakouts from happening but they do a good job at cleaning my face and if any of you guys have questions about my routine or any of these products, make sure to comment them below and I will answer them!

As always, if you like this post make sure to subscribe to be notified whenever I post a new entry! I am going to try to post weekly, and be more active. If you guys have any ideas for future posts make sure to comment them as well!

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Thank you for reading,

~The Complicated Fashion


Review: Essie Matte About You top coat polish

Hey everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well this super bowl weekend. About an hour or two ago and I used this top coat that my sister bought at target for $8.99 and it works so well! The container is clear and the polish is a white-creamy color.

It goes on and it looks shiny but within five minutes your polished nails have a matte-finished look and it’s so smooth! The only problem I have experienced using this product is if you use it before your polish isn’t fully dry.

With me, my polish was almost dry and the polish smeared a little when I applied this top coat. I recommend to anyone who does nail art or just enjoys painting their nails.

I apologize for this short entry, I am super tired and just come up with this idea a few minutes ago. This polish overall goes on super nicely, it dries quickly and keeps the polish from chipping or getting destroyed in other ways.

Recent Makeup Haul!

Hey guys!

What’s up? Today I want to write about a recent makeup haul that I went on this past weekend. I went to an e.l.f. store! E.l.f. is my favorite makeup brand because it’s super cheap and their makeup is good quality. I finally got the chance to go to the store rather than their section in Target.

I spent $16.00 there and that actually isn’t a lot when we’re talking about makeup. So in this post I just wanted to talk about these products and review them in case any of you guys are interested.

Product #1- Powder Brush

This brush works very well when I use my powder veil (finishing powder). It is super soft and is a lot easier to use than some expensive brushes. Elf does make a more expensive powder brush that I think might be more expensive, I have the cheaper one that is all black and it definitely does the job.

Product #2- Liquid Highlighter

I tested this product in store and it is very sparkly. I had recently used this product as part of my everday makeup look and it made more oil in it than the highlighting formula. Putting it on my face made my face look very oily and greasy and I didn’t like it. But, I will continue to give it a try.

Product #3- Highlighting Brush

I have been in need of a highlighter brush, I wanted to get one from Elf because it is a lot cheaper. I used it on my powder highlighter and I was so surprised by how well it works. The glitter comes right off the brush and onto my face. It didn’t get stuck in the bristles.

Product #4- Eyeshadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette is a nice addition to the collection. I got this because I needed more nude colors rather than fun bright colors. This palette actually tells you where to put it on your lids. In each color it has a word carved on it ‘base, lid, crease, line’ I found it very helpful because I usually only use one color on my eyes at a time. The colors are VERY pigmented. Make sure to blend well!

That is my haul! Make sure to check out e.l.f.’s website to check out their products and their amazing prices! I am very happy with their products and I always have so much fun using them!

Visit their website: elfcosmetics.com

Their Instagram: elf’s instagram

Follow them on snapchat: @elfcosmetics