The New EOS Shimmering Lip Balm Review

Hey guys!

Happy Holidays! I hope you all had a wonderful day on Sunday (if you celebrate). I got a new EOS Shimmering Lip Balm. It is the white and black one, I know that EOS doesn’t reveal the exact flavor/scent. I got the EOS Pearl Balm and it is a solid vanilla.

I know EOS sells a vanilla-mint balm that is in a light blue and white case which I love, it is one of my favorites. I think this new shimmer balm is a lot nicer. I know in the commercials they make these shimmer balms look like it has nothing but glitter on it. This is actually not the case.

This lip balm is white but has a tint of sparkle, when it is on your lips it looks like you have regular lip balm on, of course it’s a clear color.

I have been wanting to try this lip balm for a while now, and when I found out that I got it, I was super excited because then I can have a new topic to write about and review. I think this shimmer is available anywhere you can buy regular EOS lip balms. However, I believe the price is a little higher as they’re still new.

Bottom line is that I LOVE this product already, it makes my lips super soft and I cannot get enough of the amazing scent! I hope you all have the opportunity to try this amazing lip balm out!


E.L.F. Cosmetics- California Baked Eyeshadow Palette

Let me start off this post by saying that this palette is by my favorite makeup company (e.l.f.) I love this brand very much however this California baked palette was kind of a disappointment.
I got this palette at Target for ten dollars which- makeup users know that that is not expensive for makeup. I got home and couldn’t wait to try it out to see how it is.

The palette is in a plastic container and each of the colors are a dome shape. I went in with my Elf brush and it didn’t pick up a ton of the shadow but instead made a mess of the very neat palette.

I decided to put it on with my finger which kind of worked- it didn’t make a mess of my palette but the makeup wouldn’t go on to my lid but rather stayed on my finger.

The last resort that was in my mind at the time was to use sponge applicator wands. I got a large pack of them at the dollar store and they work amazing. I used one and it worked!

However if you are going to use this technique to apply this eyeshadow you must use a lot of eyeshadow so it gets on your eyelid and it shows up.

I have other elf eyeshadows that go on a lot better than this. This eyeshadow is not the best product that elf has sold. But, I figured out a way to use this product and I decided to put this topic on the blog for you guys if you want to test it out for yourselves.

DIY: Ugly Holiday Sweaters!

Tis the season of giving to others, having no school and of course- ugly Christmas sweaters.

When I looked for some at stores located in a mall near me, I had trouble finding a cheap Christmas sweater. I decided of the idea, why not make a post about making your own? I thought it was a good idea, but at the same time I thought about the cost and the outcome, the cost can be expensive depending on where you buy your supplies and the outcome is supposed to show your creativity as well as make it not the most attractive sweater you’ve seen.

The things you can buy are limitless, if you are willing to spend some money on supplies so much as buttons, bells, glitter glue, anything, Michael’s might be good if you live near one, if you want to spend less, you can buy the same supplies at the Dollar Tree’s craft section.

And for the sweater part, who wants to see an ugly Christmas sweater? Just take a plain knit sweater that you never wear from your closet or go to a clearance section of a store that you like and find a colored but plain sweater and that will be your canvas.

I think this idea is fun for anyone, but it seems that ugly sweaters have been the craze when it comes to teenagers. Maybe because we’re finally older and want more fun in the holidays?

I think this idea will be good for someone who has a lot of free time because then you’ll have more time to pull the sweater together and make sure everything stays on and doesn’t fall off.

I hope you guys still enjoy this blog, I’ve been working hard to make sure that I’m posting something new on this blog at least every week!

Thank you for subscribing and reading, I really appreciate it, and if you don’t check back into this blog, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season !

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Inexpensive Beauty Stocking Stuffers

Hello my readers!

This entry is back to being for any age, the last post was just a shout-out to a small business, if you are over the age of 18 and didn’t read it, just scroll down to the bottom of this page to read that.

It’s two days after Thanksgiving, and the next major holidays are the winter holidays! This post is for stocking stuffers, however you can also use these things as a regular gift instead. These products listed are inexpensive, to stay in your holiday gifting budget.

1.) NYX Velvet Matte Lipstick- $6.99 at Target

Lipstick is great for any occasion, and it comes in so many different colors! Treat yourself or someone else with this velvet lipstick by NYX and catch on with the velvet trend. At Target, this lipstick is available in many tones including; hot pink, dark red and burgundy.

2.) e.l.f. Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer- $1.99 at Target

This primer is a great gift, because it makes eye shadow stay on your eyelid! This primer works amazing and the sheer tone can be put on without any shadow on top. I got this primer as a part of the All About Eyes set.

3.) e.l.f. Powder Brush- $2.99 at Target

Continuing with the amazing makeup company that is e.l.f! Their brushes are so nice and so expensive too. I have used their eyeliner brush and their eye shadow brush and they’re so soft and so inexpensive. This is a great gift idea because a makeup artist can never have too many brushes. They do have a brush set you can buy for $24,

4.) Travel Sized Products- $5.00 at Bath and Body Works

These items are very useful and only 5 bucks, of course unless you mix and match three for $12.50. I bought three of these in the scents of Twisted Peppermint, Ginger bread Latte, and Vanilla Noel and they all smell good and I was surprised at the price as well.

5.) e.l.f. Endless Eyes 100 Color Palette- $15.00 at Target

This is so far the most expensive item on this list. However, for makeup $15 is cheap. This makeup is also a set that includes 100 eyeshadows. Ranging from nude tones to fun bright colors! Eyeshadow is very fun to use and you can never have enough eyeshadow.

6.) e.l.f. Spotlight Ready 50 Color Eye and Face Palette- $15.00 at Target

This palette is similar to number 5 on this list. It costs the same amount, 15 bucks isn’t bad especially for a palette that includes so much! This makeup kit includes Eyeshadow, Highlighter, Blush, Contour, a mirror and more!