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Hello my wonderful readers!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have had a fun and safe holiday. While I’m typing up this entry, it is 3:17PM. I know that you guys can be located all over the world. Anyways, let’s get to the point:

I have been getting emails from stores including Target, Victoria’s Secret and Ulta. Today, I was asked to make an advertisement for a website called Pleasures for Her.

Pleasures for Her is having a Black Friday sale that starts today, November 24th and goes until Midnight on Sunday, you definitely don’t want to miss it!

You get 10% off of your purchase of $100 or more, 20% off your purchase of $200 or more, and 30% off of your purchase of $300 or more.

What’s better than this? You don’t have to remember a coupon code because the discount will already be applied at check out!

Isn’t that awesome? Pleasures for Her sells all of your intimate wants from lingerie to enhancements. Go check them out:¬†Pleasures for Her Website


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Real Deal VS. Store Brand

Hey guys!

I got this idea earlier this morning when I was in the bathroom when I saw I have real brand products but also I have the store brand version of the product. I decided to write about each of these products and ultimately pick between the two which is the better buy. I hope this gets fun and helps you guys with your next shopping trip! Now, let’s get started!

  1. Head and Shoulders VS. Kroger (Ralph’s) Dandruff Shampoo

I use the head and shoulders because I do get dandruff, and since I do have darker hair it shows up easier. I always use the actual Head and Shoulders brand, but one day when I went to the supermarket, the brand was too expensive. So I gave the Ralph’s brand (Kroger) a try since it was a lot cheaper. The bottles were almost the same. The first time I used this shampoo, it made my hair feel and look greasy and oily the next day. Though I rinsed and rinsed it out, the shampoo stuck to my hair! I eventually got it to rinse out but I am not super patient when it comes to shampoos. If you are patient, it might work for you, but since I am not one of those people, it doesn’t work for me.

The Better Buy: Head and Shoulders- pay the extra money to get a shampoo that works better.

2. Up and Up (Target) Women’s Razors VS. Venus Razors

I love love love my Venus razor, it leaves my skin so soft and it rarely pulls my leg hair and skin when I shave. However, my armpits is a different story. I was going out of town for a few weeks and I wanted to buy new razors to take with me, so I decided on the Target brand’s version of the Venus razors. These razors are purple and white, and they are pretty cool looking and they work. The only problem I had was that it pulled my armpit skin, but that seems to happen with any razor I use.

The Better Buy: Up and Up- save the few extra dollars for a razor that works the same.

3. Yes To Makeup Remover Wipes VS. Kirkland (Costco) Makeup Remover Wipes

I got the Yes To wipes as a gift for the holidays, and they work very well, I used them to take off my mascara, eyeshadow and my face makeup and it worked well. They’re just expensive when you need to get more of them. My grandma who wears a lot of makeup recommended I try the Costco brand because they supposedly work a lot better than name brand wipes. Plus, you get a box full of them. there’s about 30 wipes in a package and there’s a ton of packages in one box. They do work very well, They don’t smear any of the makeup, it just comes right off.

The Better Buy: Kirkland- hands down

4. Proactive VS. Up and Up Benzoyl Peroxide Cream

Proactive of course is a big brand when it comes to skin care, but did you know that Target sells their own brand of cream similar to Proactive? This cream has 8 more percent of Benzoyl Peroxide where Proactive only has 2 percent! The good thing about using the Proactive is it moisturizes your face where the Up and Up dries your face a bit. I like to use Up and Up first and then put Proactive on over it so it blends in but it also keeps my face soft and moisturized.

The Best Buy: Up and Up- in terms of working better and is also a lot cheaper.



Thanksgiving Inspired Makeup- Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys!

This is another tutorial for Thanksgiving! Before I get too deep in this topic, no, this tutorial doesn’t involve drawing turkeys on your face, unless you want to get super festive- I’m sure you can find a tutorial on that on YouTube.

This one is just a casual and fun makeup tutorial, you can wear it any day and any where.

Here are the things you’ll need:

  • Gel Primer
  • Acne Treatment (only if you usually wear this)
  • Face Moisturizer
  • Foundation or BB Cream
  • Concealer
  • Red/Orange/Brown eyeshadow (any color is find as long as it’s a fall tone)
  • Red/nude lipstick/gloss/stain
  • Highlighter
  • Brown eyebrow pencil/gel (optional)
  • Blush
  • Brown or Black eyeliner
  • Mascara

Now, the procedures:

  1. Apply your acne treatment and wait for the treatment to soak in. If you do not use acne treatment, skip this step.
  2. Once your treatment has soaked in, apply your face lotion so your face isn’t dry and cracked.
  3. Wait for the face lotion to soak in.
  4. Apply gel primer so your pores will close.
  5. Apply your foundation, BB cream and concealer like you normally would.
  6. After the fifth step, your face shouldn’t have red spots anywhere, if there still is red make sure to add a little more concealer.
  7. While you wait for your face to dry, work on filling in your eyebrows. If you don’t normally fill in your eyebrows, ignore this step.
  8. Take your eyeshadow brush and apply whichever fall colored eyeshadow that you want and apply it from your waterline all the way up until your almost at your eyebrow.
  9. Once your eyes look even, depending on which fall-color that you chose, use either a brown or black eyeliner. If you chose brown, go with black liner. If you chose different colors you can pick whichever ones.
  10. Apply many coats of mascara, I would say you can use falsies, but this should look really natural.
  11. Apply a light brush to your cheeks so you have a little color but not a lot.
  12. Then apply highlighter to wherever on your face that you want it.
  13. To finish off this look, apply a nude or red lipstick or stain to your lips.
  14. Of course make sure you don’t smudge and you’re done!


I hope every one of my readers have a wonderful turkey day on Thursday! I will be posting more on this blog as well as my other blog (bookblog323). I will be posting new items to our Teespring webstore. We will have some holiday-inspired items. Make sure to stay tuned for our announcement post for our Black Friday discount code!

I wish everyone a fun-turkey filled Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday!


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Ugly Christmas sweaters can be cute?

Hey guys!

I hope you all had a wonderful Friday yesterday. Today I am going to talk about something that is now in season; Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters are usually worn at family Christmas parties, or in embarrassing Christmas card photos. It can also be worn as a part of street fashion?

Celebrities including Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Demi Lovato and so much more have been spotted walking the streets and red carpets in them!?

I personally have found some acutal cute Christmas sweaters that aren’t ugly at all, and I would wear it in public. Forever 21 sells pajama sweaters that have a Christmassy twist to them.

I feel like all Christmas sweaters are actually really cute. I haven’t worn one before but hopefully this year I will be able to! I don’t really have a lot to say, but sometimes I can be style driven which means I want to be in the latest trends and I don’t really care about comfort, but at the same time I am comfort driven which means I want to be comfortable and at the same time I want to look stylish.

If you are interested in getting an ‘ugly’ Christmas/holiday sweater, make sure to check out all the clothing stores you may shop at and find one you are interested in, and also look for one that is in your budget. I personally love over-sized sweaters so I would get one a size bigger for myself so I can be more comfortable.

Below are some websites you can check out to find some holiday sweaters:

Forever 21



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“No Makeup” Makeup Look

Hey guys!

It’s the fall time officially!

If you haven’t read my last post and if you would like to, just scroll down or go back to the blog’s homepage to check it out. Today I wanted to give you guys a simple makeup look that is perfect for school, work, parties, anywhere you want. It’s supposed to look like you have no makeup on, just keep that in mind.

The things you’ll need:

  • Concealer
  • Nude eyeshadow
  • Eyelid primer (optional)
  • Nude lipstick/stain/crayon
  • Gel Primer (should be clear)
  • Mascara



  1. If you wear any kind of acne creme (Proactive, X-Out, Benzoyl Peroxide, etc.) apply that, if you don’t wear this, then skip this.
  2. If you have gel primer, it should be a clear gel, just apply that all over your face so the makeup doesn’t get in your pores.
  3. Once your primer is on, apply some concealer on your trouble spots, your under-eyes, and wherever else you feel like you need it. Remember not too much!
  4. Once your face is done, find an eyeshadow pallet that has nude colors, and find a tone that is as close to yours as possible and apply that on your eye lids.
  5. Then apply only a few coats of mascara so it doesn’t look like you have anything on.
  6. To finish this look off, you’ll need a lip product that is as close to your natural lip color as possible and just apply it to your lips.
  7. Make sure there are no unblended concealer spots on your face, and once you’ve done that, you’re done!


You should look like you aren’t wearing any makeup! I hope you enjoy this simple tutorial, it was very fun to write. If you have any recommendations, make sure to comment them or comment on our posts on our instagram: @thecomplicatedfashionblog!


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