The saddest part of adulting

Hi you guys!

Long time no posting.

It’s the holiday season now which means it’s time for the Christmas/winter cups at Starbucks!

This morning I got up at 6:45, and finally got to sleep around 3:30am because my allergies are working hard this time of year. I started the holiday shopping a bit early this year to make sure I grab the deals before Black Friday comes around and so far- I’ve aced it.

I grabbed some nail polish, some sponges, some palettes, some brushes. The best beauty gifts that you could possibly buy, and my bank account will be screaming at me later.

Since I haven’t posted in a bit, decided to talk about the saddest part of adulting this holiday season, as I confess that I’m more excited to buy wrapping paper than anything else! I don’t know what it is about wrapping paper but I somehow to always manage to buy at least three rolls of wrapping paper at least twice. It’s not like I buy that much gifts!

Below I’ve decided to give you guys some great places to shop this holiday season for the important people in your life, and places that are having great sales this year! (Non-sponsored!)

  1. Target – Target is my favorite place to go because they have everything you could possibly need- from wrapping paper, to clothes. I snagged some great value sets for my family and they’re so affordable. If you download the Cartwheel app, you can save even more than normal, and you can even snag some easy gift cards if you buy specific items!
  2. Poshmark– Yes, you might not have heard of Poshmark! Poshmark has easily become my #1 obsession! It’s an online marketplace where ordinary people and celebrities alike are selling unwanted clothes and accessories, and more often than not you can find brand new items! If you sign up using my code SPBEAUTY323 , you get a free $5 credit that you can use to buy your first purchase, and you also can score 99¢ priority shipping!
  3. Elf – My favorite website for this time of year! Elf is already so affordable that it’s ridiculous but on Black Friday/cyber Monday you can score some items for as low as 30¢! You can score free shipping on orders $25+ and a free gift as well! It’s impossible to not shop there this time of year.
  4. Profusion Cosmetics – Okay, you may not know much about this brand, but you can find them at target! They have great value palettes that are affordable and great quality! You can get free shopping with orders $25 or more.

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