The Secret Behind Easy Halloween Makeup!


It’s 8 days until almost-everyone’s favorite holiday of the year; Halloween. The thing about Halloween grabs interest in anyone; whether it’s the candy, scaring others, people celebrating their dark side or the costume and makeup ideas.

This year a lot of people have been going for the superhero themed costumes. I’ve been looking around on youtube for easy and fun halloween makeup tutorials. I have been watching tutorials that have been on instagram as well as youtube and I have grabbed the concept in almost every video.

Sure, actual makeup artists have done their share of crazy makeup, but also youtubers have shared their versions of this scary makeup using household products. If you have an idea for halloween that is maybe “not scary enough”, just scroll to learn how to take your average Halloween costume and turn it into a badass costume.

Materials you will need for this concept:

  • Toilet paper/paper towel
  • Liquid Latex
  • purple eyeshadow
  • red eyeshadow
  • fake blood (if you want blood droplets/the fresh look)
  • your everyday BB cream or concealer


Procedures for the basic attack look:

  1. Depending on what you want your cut to look like, you will need one to three strips of paper towel or toilet paper. You will roll this so it’s a long skinny piece, if you need to cut it in half, go ahead and do so.
  2. You will hold the strip(s) to wherever you want your cut/wound to be and either have you or a friend take liquid latex and a brush of any kind and apply it all over the strips.
  3. Wait for the latex to dry, if you are in a rush or hurry, use a blow dryer.
  4. Once the latex is fully dry, cover the cut and latex with your normal everyday concealer or BB cream so it matches your face color.
  5. Wait for the cream/concealer to dry before continuing this process.
  6. Take your eyeshadow applicator and take some purple eyeshadow and apply it around the cut area and on to the latex part but not on the strip.
  7. Take some red eyeshadow and apply it in the creases of the strip to add some color.
  8. If you are using fake blood for this makeup, take a Q-tip and dip it in the bottle of fake blood and apply it all over your strip.
  9. If you are not using fake blood, use different shades of red all over your makeup to look like dried blood.

There you go! This makeup concept was inspired by YouTube personality @beautytakenin who did a DIY Dead Disney Princess Video!

Check the video out here —–>


Make sure to subscribe to our blog for more spooky tutorials! Since it’s getting closer and closer to halloween, I am going to be writing daily eye makeup tutorials that are pop culture inspired to give my readers ideas for their casual but fun halloween costumes.

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