Review: ‘Earth Bomb’ from Da Bath Fizzers 

Hello everyone,

I’m actually writing from the bath today because it’s a review on a bath bomb. And I think it’s my new obsession.

I got this bath bomb from Target titled ‘Earth Bomb.’ I’ve never heard of the brand before but at the same time I love it. I went on the company’s website and each bath bomb is about $6.50 which is almost the same cost as one from Lush.

I got the bath bombs from Target where they are half priced like $3 as their set price. I love that they have fun colors and they do actually fizz. Another bonus to the bombs is that each bomb has a toy or surprise inside.

I got a whale in my earth bomb because all the proceeds they’re donating to clean the world’s oceans which I find super amazing that they’re doing that. I have some other bombs from this company but I haven’t had the time to use them yet but I definitely will soon.

I think it also is so amazing that the founders of the company are two teenage girls, which is amazing and they’re so successful. Make sure to check their company out!


Da Bomb Fizzers’ Website

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Birthday Haul

Hey everyone,

I have so much fun writing about beauty hauls and I also find myself having fun watching youtubers do haul videos-whether it be clothes or makeup, it’s just so fun. So I decided to write about this birthday haul. I am not trying to brag in any way, I just figured that maybe you guys will be entertained by it? Maybe? I don’t know, let’s get into it!

**I’m also listing the websites of where I got each item so you can check out those items also!***

1.) Pink Torn Shorts from Charlotte Russe

I love this store’s shorts because for me it is hard to find shorts that fit my figure and I don’t know if it’s just me but I hate when the waistbands of my pants are big to the point someone can stick something down them, I know it’s weird. So, I decided to get this pair of shorts because I don’t really own a lot of ripped shorts and I really like that style of shorts.

2.) Denim Shorts from Charlotte Russe

I really love denim shorts because of the fact that they go with any top of any style and design. I especially love refuge’s shorts because they’re soft and they fit me right.

3.) Chocolate Bon Bons Palette from Sephora

I went to the store in the mall and I saw this palette and I wanted it but also didn’t want to spend the money, but I decided why not? I slowly am escalating my makeup collection from drugstore products to higher brand products- but I am not ditching elf. I love this product because the colors are super fun and they have nude colors as well as some highlight colors and some fun vibrant colors. Not to mention the color smells like chocolate.

4.) Tarte’s Tartiest PRO Amazonian Clay Palette from Ulta

I got this palette as a birthday present from my parents. I might’ve mentioned this on the blog before, but I have been wanting this palette since I first got into makeup but I knew I would never get it because it is $53. The closer it got to my birthday the more hints I got from my mom that she was going to get it, but I played it cool. I watched videos on YouTube about this palette and a lot of beauty gurus hated this palette because ‘the colors smushed together’ but doesn’t any color do that anyways if you use too much of different colors? Well, I went to the Ulta store purposely to sample this product as well as some other face products and I used I think 3 different colors on my eye and I immediately loved it, and not because I had been wanting this palette for so long. I will go into more detail when I use this palette.

5.) Free Birthday Gift from Sephora!
Since I am a part of their email list, I got the exclusive offer to choose between a Tarte travel pack (that they give you) or another item from a brand I had never heard of before. So obviously I went for tarte because lately I have been obsessed with Tarte. In this gift I got a miniature matte lip paint which is named ‘birthday suit’ and a small blush called ‘parrty’ (I will post swatches on our Instagram @complicatedfashionblog) So, if anyone from Sephora is reading this blog, a big thank you to you for even having this offer, not a lot of stores do this and I think I actually do like Sephora a lot more.


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Ingrown Toenail Hacks That Work and Don’t Work

Hello everyone,

I know this is kind of an odd page because I usually write about beauty and fashion, But this is a fashion and lifestyle blog and I feel like I do need to cover this because a lot of people (myself included) struggle with Ingrown toenails.

For those of you who don’t know, an ingrown toenail is where the toenail grows into the skin, it’s a normal problem that a lot of people get by either wearing shoes that are too small, too tight of socks or cut their toenails incorrectly.

I get ingrown toenails only on my right big toe, and I’ve had some that are mild and some that are super painful. So I decided to share some tricks I have figured out myself as well as found on the internet. So here we go…

1.) Soak the foot/feet in warm water

This one might sound obvious, but it does help extremely. Make sure the water isn’t scolding, but make sure that the water is warm, this will soften the skin around the toe which will make it easier to push the skin back to cut the nail out. It also helps to put epsom salt in the bath with it.

You can buy epsom salt literally everywhere, even at the Dollar Store.

2.) The Cotton Trick

Because of my ingrown toenails getting severe, I personally have tried the trick and it is too painful for my liking. This is what you would do after you cut the nail out. You take a cotton ball and you rip it into somewhat smaller pieces, then you would put this behind the toenail that is still left, this would help the nail grow correctly.

3.) Tooth Pick/Floss

This is a helpful hack. Get either a toothpick or a flosser, but make sure the floss is the kind that is on a stick, and use the very tip of the floss or the tooth pick and gently stick it down the side of the toe that you had the ingrown toenail. This trick doesn’t do anything painful but it lets you know if you have nail far deep into the skin. (If this is the case, make sure to see your doctor or go to Urgent Care so you can get it professionally cut out.)

4.) Tea Tree Oil/Coconut Oil

After you cut the nail out, what I like to do and what helps the most for me is to put either Tea Tree Oil or Coconut Oil on the open part of the skin that the nail came out of. These oils help disinfect if you were to have an infection and it also takes the pain away.

So those are the 4 hacks that I have for you guys, I hope this post was helpful. If you do have an ingrown toenail and if it is inflamed, puffy or puss is coming out, make sure to go right away to a doctor or Urgent Care so you can get it professionally cut out, those are the signs that you might have an infection in your toe. My sister had an infection one time and went to the doctor and they sprayed cold spray to numb it and they just cut it out with like a pair of nail clippers, so it isn’t super bad.

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DIY Contour Slime!

Hi everyone,

I saw this idea on Rachel Levin’s (rclbeauty101 on youtube) channel and I thought this was a very smart idea. Rachel always posts very clever and easy DIYs and you just sit and wonder “does this really work” and it sure does! I decided to post this slime for you guys because you seem to like the diy’s that I post on here. So I hope you enjoy!


1 Tb of MetaMucil **Make sure it has psyllium husk***

Liquid Foundation in a dark tone (for the contour color)

1 cup of water

A whisk

and a microwave

and a bowl to mix it in

Now here’s how to put it together:

1.) You first get a tablespoon of metamucil, this will help make the slime slime.

2.) You will pour liquid foundation in any color of your choice to the bowl.

3.) Take a spoon and just mix the two together until there is brown clumps.

4.) Add a cup of water to the mix and whisk it all together.

5.) Then you will microwave this for five minutes.

6.) Stop the microwaving process when it has around 2:30 left  to add more foundation to the mix.

7.) Continue mircowaving

8.) After taking it out of the microwave, let it cool.

9.) Then take a popsicle stick and scrape the slime off the sides of the bowl and pour the slime into a container to keep it in.


The great part of this slime is that it won’t get on your fingers! The way to get the color out of it is to push on wherever you want the contour slime to go and it’ll stick on to what ever part of the skin. Note that you might need to use a beauty blender and concealer to cover some lines that the contour slime might make once you push it down.


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Top 8 Best Dressed at the KCA’s 2017

Hey everyone,

Welcome to today’s post where I will be talking about some of the best dressed on the Orange Carpet at the Kid’s Choice Awards 2017!

For those of you who don’t know what the KCA’s are, it is an awards show that Nickelodeon hosts annually where kids can vote for their favorite shows, movie, actors and actresses, books, games and more! Now, let’s talk about some fashion!

1.) Maddie Ziegler

Maddie didn’t exactly wear a dress or anything super classy to the awards, but she wore a white shirt that had some colorful polka dots on it and wore high waisted pants that looked like blue fur. To add some class to the outfit, she wore red heels. She kept the accessories to a minimum by wearing a few rings and carried a small clutch bag. Her makeup had glam but also was kept casual.

2.) Gail Soltys

Gail kept it simpler than Maddie, by wearing a long sleeved ombre romper. It was lined on the body portion but was kept sheer on the sleeves. She matched the outfit with velvet purple heels. She had no accessories but wore a nice nude makeup.

3.) Mariah Carey

Mariah kept it very simple but also a little revealing, wearing a short navy blue dress with a zipper down the front. She kept the zipper up pretty high but enough to show some cleavage. She matched it with silver open toe heels and some simple but full coverage makeup and of course, some sunglasses.

4.) Demi Lovato

Actually a very nice outfit on Demi. She wore a salmon colored maxi dress but had a slit down the side of her leg and one cut out on the sides of her stomach. Still kept it classy and appropriate. She wore a black bracelet to match her lovely black hair and matched her dress with a salmon colored lipstick.

5.) Candace Cameron Bure

Candace definitely had the ‘most revealing’  outfit but also kept it very appropriate considering she was around kids the whole night. She wore a houndstooth printed dress that went up to about mid-thigh and also had one strap. She tied a strap around the body into a bow and wore some strappy heels to tie the look together. I think one of my favorite looks from the night so far.

6.) Little Mix

Little Mix always has something edgy to wear but also keeps it classy and appropriate for an awards show, nothing like Gaga’s meat dress amiright? I think only the girls from Little Mix can only pull off these looks.

  • Leigh-Anne wore a checkerboard pantsuit that also looked like it had color underneath the printed look. She wore open toe black heels.
  • Perrie (the blonde from the group) wore a holographic silver dress, matching it with a choker that looks like it’s made of the same material and wore black open toe  heels (very similar to Leigh-Anne’s).
  • Jade definitely kept it casual by wearing a pink crop top and high waisted pink shorts that matched and had a flowery design. She matched this look with a pink fur coat and white open toe heels.
  • Jesy wore the most formal outfit, wearing a maxi black dress with a white lace up section in the front. She wore strappy black wedges to complete the look.

7.) Zendaya

Zendaya always looks so beautiful whenever she’s shown on camera, but I am not super for this look she was going for. She wore a maxi metallic orange dress with gray velvet boots. She wore a longer black necklace and a white and silver choker. I included her in this list because she did look nice even though I personally didn’t like the outfit.

8.) Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda definitely showed that she outgrew her days on Nick, but definitely kept it appropriate. She wore a long sleeved floral mini dress. The dress itself was very colorful and kept her makeup simple while pulling her hair back into a ponytail.


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Outfit of the Weekend: 3/4-3/5

Hi everyone,

I decided to do another one of these because I feel like I don’t talk about fashion as much as I have before, so I decided to write about my outfit from this particular weekend.

Saturday, March 4th, 2017

Top: For my shirt I wore my 5 Seconds of Summer shirt that I got from their most recent tour ‘Sounds Live Feels Live’ it has a picture of each of the guys on the front wearing red crowns and on the back it has all the dates they went to here in the states.

Bottoms: I wore my Harley Quinn Active Capris I got from Hot Topic. I like these pants because they are really soft and really makes me feel good about myself. I am a thin girl but I feel a lot better about myself wearing these pants, and I’m not just saying that. Everyone has that one pair of clothing that just fits them very well.

Shoes: I wore my Superstars Adidas in the black color to top this outfit off. 

Accessories: I kept it minimal, wearing my pink beaded bracelet made of calming beads and wore my good luck ring from Hot Topic.

Makeup: I decided to not wear makeup, shocking, I know. But I decided to just focus on skin care, cleaning my face and trying several acne and skin care hacks that I will write about in a separate post so stay tuned!
Sunday, March 5th,2017

Top: I’m wearing a long sleeved gray tee shirt from Forever 21 on this colder day. It has an attached hood as well as drawstrings to adjust the hood.

Bottoms: I’m wearing basic black leggings from Forever 21 with a wider waistband which I really like to give me that yoga pant feel. 

Shoes: I wore my converse that have batman designs on the inside, outside, tongue and laces and these shoes are Journey’s exclusive.

Accessories: I kept it minimal, wearing the same bracelet and ring as yesterday, and kept my miniature backpack on me that I had purchased from Amazon for about 20 dollars. I had decorated it with various pins from hot topic.

Makeup: I kept it small, wearing eyeshadow from Tarte’s Amazonian Clay palette and Too Face’s Sweet Peach palette later on in the day and wearing Eos’s vanilla shimmer balm. 
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Earthly Body Appreciation!

Hello everyone!

I think I have posted on this blog before that I am affiliated with an amazing project! It is this project trying to raise awareness for animal testing and abuse. The project has a instagram account as well as a GoFundMe page so I will post the links below if you want to check the project out and support it as well.

So because I am affiliated with this project, I felt like it was very necessary that I post about it because this is a fashion and beauty blog and animal testing does fall under that category. I know that using makeup that might test on animals is very hypocritical. Which is why I am trying to support this project, to help raise awareness.

Getting to the point, Earthly Body, a company that sells moisturizers, lip balms, makeup, etc. Sent us a bunch of goodies for free to use for our project to show peers that there is a company out there that embraces being animal cruelty-free which I think in today’s society is something very important.

This page itself is not sponsored, but our project is and I appreciate Earthly Body so much for taking time out of their busy day to send the project some amazing products. So shout out to them!

Two products I definitely have used and recommend to my readers are their miracle oil products. Their miracle oil itself helps relieve dry skin, as well as pain that can be located anywhere on the body.

Another product I recommend is their Miracle Oil Creme which is a creme that has tea tree oil in it as well as many other natural ingredients. Both product links are down below.

Just wanted to give this company some appreciation that they definitely deserve. Thank you Earthly Body for being a cruelty free company!


To donate to the project on GoFundMe

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Earthly Body’s Miracle Oil Creme

Earthly Body’s Miracle Oil


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