Top 8 Best Dressed at the KCA’s 2017

Hey everyone,

Welcome to today’s post where I will be talking about some of the best dressed on the Orange Carpet at the Kid’s Choice Awards 2017!

For those of you who don’t know what the KCA’s are, it is an awards show that Nickelodeon hosts annually where kids can vote for their favorite shows, movie, actors and actresses, books, games and more! Now, let’s talk about some fashion!

1.) Maddie Ziegler

Maddie didn’t exactly wear a dress or anything super classy to the awards, but she wore a white shirt that had some colorful polka dots on it and wore high waisted pants that looked like blue fur. To add some class to the outfit, she wore red heels. She kept the accessories to a minimum by wearing a few rings and carried a small clutch bag. Her makeup had glam but also was kept casual.

2.) Gail Soltys

Gail kept it simpler than Maddie, by wearing a long sleeved ombre romper. It was lined on the body portion but was kept sheer on the sleeves. She matched the outfit with velvet purple heels. She had no accessories but wore a nice nude makeup.

3.) Mariah Carey

Mariah kept it very simple but also a little revealing, wearing a short navy blue dress with a zipper down the front. She kept the zipper up pretty high but enough to show some cleavage. She matched it with silver open toe heels and some simple but full coverage makeup and of course, some sunglasses.

4.) Demi Lovato

Actually a very nice outfit on Demi. She wore a salmon colored maxi dress but had a slit down the side of her leg and one cut out on the sides of her stomach. Still kept it classy and appropriate. She wore a black bracelet to match her lovely black hair and matched her dress with a salmon colored lipstick.

5.) Candace Cameron Bure

Candace definitely had the ‘most revealing’  outfit but also kept it very appropriate considering she was around kids the whole night. She wore a houndstooth printed dress that went up to about mid-thigh and also had one strap. She tied a strap around the body into a bow and wore some strappy heels to tie the look together. I think one of my favorite looks from the night so far.

6.) Little Mix

Little Mix always has something edgy to wear but also keeps it classy and appropriate for an awards show, nothing like Gaga’s meat dress amiright? I think only the girls from Little Mix can only pull off these looks.

  • Leigh-Anne wore a checkerboard pantsuit that also looked like it had color underneath the printed look. She wore open toe black heels.
  • Perrie (the blonde from the group) wore a holographic silver dress, matching it with a choker that looks like it’s made of the same material and wore black open toe  heels (very similar to Leigh-Anne’s).
  • Jade definitely kept it casual by wearing a pink crop top and high waisted pink shorts that matched and had a flowery design. She matched this look with a pink fur coat and white open toe heels.
  • Jesy wore the most formal outfit, wearing a maxi black dress with a white lace up section in the front. She wore strappy black wedges to complete the look.

7.) Zendaya

Zendaya always looks so beautiful whenever she’s shown on camera, but I am not super for this look she was going for. She wore a maxi metallic orange dress with gray velvet boots. She wore a longer black necklace and a white and silver choker. I included her in this list because she did look nice even though I personally didn’t like the outfit.

8.) Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda definitely showed that she outgrew her days on Nick, but definitely kept it appropriate. She wore a long sleeved floral mini dress. The dress itself was very colorful and kept her makeup simple while pulling her hair back into a ponytail.


I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post! Make sure to comment below and tell me who you thought was the best dressed at the KCA’s. Also make sure to like this post and subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already.


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