What really is beauty?

I see this question all the time on social media and in stories, I also see people ask others, this one question. “What really is beauty?” Maybe, when I’m done with this rant, I will clear this up with an answer.

Beauty has a meaning within itself, and I personally think it has many different meanings. You hear a lot “brains and beauty” when really, brains is beauty. That statement really is invalid. Beauty can mean nerdy, sporty, and the other “obvious” meanings. Beauty really doesn’t have it’s own proper definition, at least not in my book.

I don’t know where this rant will lead, but hopefully it would not bring a clear definition of beauty, but it would bring new ideas and thoughts to you, my readers. I want you all to not think the way society is making us. I want us all to go against society. Maybe no one will see this, and this entry will still have 0 reads, or whatever.

I want us to go against society, I want us to think of our own individual definitions of beauty and beautiful. Society thinks the real beauty are thin girls who wear makeup, but what about the guys? What about the “plus size” people?

Earlier this year, I heard about Victoria’s Secret, they fired one of their models for wearing 103 pounds and she wasn’t fat at all. But, they are fixed on super thin girls because they show them in fashion shows, on tv and on online catalogues.

Now, I don’t know if it’s a made up story or if it’s the real thing, but I think it supports my idea. I don’t want society to be the way it’s going. I want our generation to be different from the generations before us and change the path for the future youth.

Thank you for reading this, I know this isn’t a fashion post, but it does have to do with fashion as it’s about beauty. Your own kind of beauty.

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Thank you for reading,

-The Complicated Fashion


My thoughts on: metallic clothing

So these things are a new trend. Mostly they’re silver metallic clothing. I’ve seen flowy skirts, high-waisted skirts, leggings,  platform shoes, even backpacks and umbrellas! How I know this? Is because of the internet.

My thoughts on this is that it’s actually kind of cute. That is, the silver kind. I honestly am not too fond of the gold skirt shown as the featured picture. I think it is a good idea to whoever decided to make this trend. However, I don’t think it’s a good idea to wear this clothing in the sun, because that’s a good way to blind people, am I right?

Here are some links where you can purchase this trend:

Silver Metallic “sexy” leggings from Amazon

My Search Results of “Silver Metallic Skirts” from Amazon


You can do some searches on your own by going on any search engine and typing in “silver metallic skirts” or any metallic product you’re looking for.


Bottom Line: I am so happy I have money to buy a skirt for myself. I honestly can’t wait to buy myself a skater skirt (since I’m in need of one).


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-The Complicated Fashion.

My top 6 prom dresses!

It’s that time of year again. Prom! I guess it can be a good time and a bad time. Nothing is worse when you plan the best promposal and then get rejected and you feel like you’ll be #foreveralone.

This post is here for everyone who is going to prom or is ditching prom and is just going straight to the after-party. Please enjoy my top 6 prom dresses!

*Sorry in advance for no pictures. Just click the links to view them!**

1.) Long Navy Blue Dress from David’s Bridal

Dress Cost: $199.95

I am not sure what is cheap or expensive for a prom dress. I guess you can buy a cheap one for under $100 at forever 21, but usually girls go with the expensive ones to out-do their best friends. This dress is very beautiful. I personally can’t do long dresses because I am a short person, so make sure to wear heels if you are short like me.

2.) Mint Mermaid Prom Dress from David’s Bridal

Dress Cost: $114.98

I love this dress. I wouldn’t wear it personally, but it is cute and if it was last minute I think I would go for this one. I like the stone work and how it looks on the body part of the dress. I don’t really like dresses that you can’t see your feet in from personal experience, I kept tripping on my skirt.

3.) Strapless Ombre Prom Dress from David’s Bridal

Dress Cost: $79.98

I actually like this dress too much. It’s something about ombre I think. Again, I am a picky person so don’t avoid this dress because I am saying I don’t do strapless dresses or long dresses. I am just here to advertise my top 10 picks. Like I said earlier, I like this dress but also with strapless clothes, I always have to pick at it because I’m scared it’ll fall off.

4.) Sleeveless Red Ombre Prom Dress from JCPenney

Dress Cost: $79.99

I like this dress. Again, it’s an ombre dress but it’s red and it has straps. If my first choice prom dress was sold out or was no longer made, I would go with this one for sure. It looks comfortable and you could wear it with sandals or a shoe that isn’t heels. And it’s affordable.

5.) Black Spaghetti Strap High-Low Dress from JCPenney

Dress Cost: $59.99

This dress is actually really cute. It does look basic with the exception of the part underneath the skirt. I like it and it’s affordable. But this is my personal opinion that you shouldn’t wear black to prom because prom is a happy thing and mostly people wear pastel colors or dark blue or brown. Black is a more sad color and I don’t think you should wear black to such a happy experience.

6.) Princess Sleeveless Lavender Prom Dress from promsbelle.com

Dress Cost: $162.00

Normally Costs: $779.00

This dress and color is actually very pretty. I don’t do the princess skirt but it is really pretty. I think it’s cute and it’s only on sale for 50 more minutes so get to it now!!!



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Superhero ‘Bombshells’ from Hot Topic

These I guess are cosplay dresses? I am not very sure if they’re cosplay or halloween costumes or just for casual wear but they are super cute and since Batman vs Superman just came out, and Suicide Squad is coming out in August and Captain America: Civil War is coming out in May, I thought, why not make an entry about superhero related costumes?

These are all of the products from ‘bombshells’  that Hot Topic is selling on their website as of 4/16/16. Please enjoy.

1.) Harley Quinn Aviator Jacket:

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 8.46.54 PM

photo from Hot Topic Website.

Jacket: http://www.hottopic.com/product/dc-comics-bombshells-harley-quinn-aviator-jacket/10513915.html#cm_sp=Homepage-_-Grid2-_-BombshellsCollection&start=1

This I think is for a cosplay outfit, I’m not really sure. It is cute, but I don’t think I would wear it. Maybe one of you guys would?

2.) Batgirl Baseball Dress:

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 8.48.59 PM

photo from Hot Topic

Dress: http://www.hottopic.com/product/dc-comics-bombshells-batwoman-baseball-dress/10513931.html#cm_sp=Homepage-_-Grid2-_-BombshellsCollection&start=2

I don’t know a whole lot about Batgirl but I didn’t know she was affiliated with baseball? On the other note, it is a cute outfit and this one looks more like a cosplay dress. I don’t think I would wear it, but it is cute and I love the colors.

3.) Poison Ivy Dress:

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 8.51.30 PM.png

photo from Hot Topic

Dress: http://www.hottopic.com/product/dc-comics-bombshells-poison-ivy-dress/10513939.html#cm_sp=Homepage-_-Grid2-_-BombshellsCollection&start=3

This one is actually really cute, I think I would wear this one. I’ve seen it in person and it actually looks very comfortable. I love the bats in the design as well. I think this one looks more like a cosplay outfit, but still very cute.

4.) Wonder Woman Outfit:

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 8.53.55 PM.png

photo from Hot Topic

Top: http://www.hottopic.com/product/dc-comics-bombshells-wonder-woman-top/10513923.html#cm_sp=Homepage-_-Grid2-_-BombshellsCollection&start=4

Bottoms: http://www.hottopic.com/product/dc-comics-bombshells-wonder-woman-shorts/10513802.html#cm_sp=Homepage-_-Grid2-_-BombshellsCollection&start=6

This one is actually really cute. It actually looks casual like it really is an outfit and not like a cosplay outfit or a costume. I think I would wear it, Wonder Woman is a good character to dress as because she shows strength and bravery and she also shows the men in the real world and in the series that women can do the same thing as them.

There you go guys, the Superhero Bombshell exclusively from hot topic! I hope you enjoy, if you have any suggestions for future topics, comment below!

My lush experience

We went to the mall today and we came across Lush. For those of you who don’t know what Lush is, it’s a store that sells shower gel, perfume, make up and they’re most famous for their bath bombs!

Now, I know what you’re thinking and I thought this way too. “Why are their bath bombs so popular? All they’re going to do is give vaginal infections!” Well, I was proved wrong and so was every one else who thought this.

Their bath bombs are all hand made, with natural herbs and ingredients and are actually 100% vegetarian. The one thing I love the most is that they do not test their products on animals and that everything is natural!

When you first walk in the store, your nose does start to burn, but after a minute in two it smells good and you get used to it. On their ‘bath bomb bar’ they have almost all of their bath bombs on display and they also have a live demonstration of one of their bath bombs in front of everyone in the store.

One thing I did notice, however is that the pricing is different from in-store and online. For their best-selling ‘frozen’ bath bomb online it’s a dollar cheaper than it is in-store (as of the day this is published.)

My sister had purchased the ‘sakura’ bath bomb and it looks like a giant Gobstopper! She says she put two quarters of it in the bath after the water was full and all it did was fizz and smell good, it didn’t do anything after that.

This is also the first time we have shopped from Lush and this has been a somewhat good experience.

If you live in the USA, you can visit their American website here: www.lushusa.com/Bath-Bombs

If you don’t live in the USA, go onto the internet and type ‘lush’ in the search engine to find the website!

Thank you for reading!

Lokai Bracelets!

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 7.29.35 PM.png

Lokai Bracelets are so in right now.

Buy yours here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lokai-Silicone-bracelets-Mud-from-Dead-sea-Water-from-MT-Everest-12colors-/401106602819?var=&hash=item5d63d10b43:m:mFCo_CdASwVXevtFh0kwGfw

Lokai bracelets can be expensive, I’m not going to lie. The blue one is featured above and as you can see there is one white and black ‘stone’. In the white stone, there is Water from Mt. Everest. In the black stone, there is mud from the Dead Sea. When you buy it directly from Lokai, there are about $18 each, so buying them off of amazon or ebay are your best bet to get them in a cheaper price range. The reason why they are so expensive is because when you buy them straight from Lokai, they donate the money to charities.

They come in various different colors, however you MUST measure your wrist before buying. I bought a small, but when I took it off, it broke. Sadly, you can’t hot glue or melt the stones together because they are rubber. So make sure to measure your wrist accurately or buy a size bigger. These bracelets are super stylish and they look cute with any outfit.