Why blending makeup is important!

Hi everyone,

Today I was struggling with a topic to write about then I remembered this incident. This incident occurred yesterday at school. Beforehand I did my nice matte makeup and felt so beautiful and felt so confident then my boyfriend pointed out that I didn’t blend it all in on the side of my face.

It wasn’t wet, but my skin tones were very uneven yesterday. I decided this was a good topic because I wanted to be somewhat educational for you guys, instead of doing the normal product reviews and tutorials. Of course I find this incident super funny because I probably have been doing this ever since I started makeup I just never noticed it! But shout out to my boyfriend (who does read these posts) for letting me know!

But to the point: Before you leave your house for work or school or your other daily activities, always make sure to fully blend everything in all the way, and make sure to put makeup on all of your face or else you will look like I did yesterday XD.

I am sorry for this post to be so short, but I hope you guys liked this story time.

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Rclbeauty101: ‘Makeup Stereotypes’ Review

Hey guys!

As some of you know, I am a fan of YouTube Personality Rclbeauty101. Rachel was featured on this blog who knows how many times. Lately she’s been coming up with really clever videos including her famous DIYs. Just a few hours ago, Rachel came out with yet another genius video entitled ‘Makeup Stereotypes.’

This will be a new segment on the blog where I review beauty gurus videos from youtube and review them and give my opinion on them. I will also continue doing what I’ve been doing.

Now, in this video, Rachel starts off with doing some natural makeup, in her audio she constantly changes her mind on what to wear because she’s worried about what she might look like in the end result. As the video goes on, she sees many of her friends who tell her she’s wearing too much makeup and she should go all natural. One guy even compared her to a selfie of Kim Kardashian where she’s wearing a full face of makeup.

This video did send out an important message that most girls and boys need to understand. Not only that you can be beautiful with or without makeup but also makeup is a form of art and you should wear makeup only if you want to and not to just impress someone.

The thumbnail to this video is important. It isn’t something to just shock you, but it really does get the message across of the video. Not only is it about beauty itself but I took it as someone tries so hard to make themselves look good and they do actually hurt themselves while doing so. In the video, Rachel plucks her eyebrows and accidentally pokes her eye with mascara.

I feel like a lot of us do sometimes wear makeup to impress others, I definitely have. But, over time I just learned to experiment with my looks and I wear it for myself because it makes me feel more confident with myself. I think it’s not right for someone to tell another that it’s “not right” to wear makeup, or “you look better with makeup” because the applying process does take such a long time and girls and boys that do wear makeup need a break.

I love to wear makeup. I love to go shopping for makeup, I love trying makeup, and I love applying it on others as well. I do sometimes feel insecure with my face when I’m having a bad break-out. Concealer doesn’t make the acne go away but it takes the attention away from it.

Some people aren’t born with full eyebrows, so they have to draw-on their brows or fill them in. People judge them saying they have “sharpie eyebrows.” I personally don’t do my brows because I already have full eyebrows, but it’s not nice to judge someone because of their makeup.

Whoever reads this, if you wear makeup and you enjoy doing it; do it. If you haven’t started wearing makeup but you want to, do it, don’t listen to people who say that you shouldn’t. This post can be taken several different ways, I don’t mean to offend anybody, but wear makeup if you want to, if you don’t want to, don’t do it. Don’t listen to any negativity that you guys may or may not get about your flaws or makeup.

Rachel’s Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4lf6o5lIUw

“Our imperfections is what makes us perfect.”

I’m sorry this turned into a rant, but thank you to my readers for listening and I hope you guys get inspired by my posts. I do work hard and I love the results this blog gets.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Inspired Eye Makeup

header picture rights go to @GlitterGirlC on youtube.

It’s almost Halloween! I was supposed to post this tutorial on Monday, however I got held up so I will be posting three posts today! Now, here are some things you will need for this Nightmare Before Christmas eye makeup!

You will need to do your normal face makeup if you would like, but I am going to list the products that you can use for this makeup.

  • Eyelid primer (this just helps the shadow stay in place and stick to your lids)
  • Blue eyeshadow
  • Blue eyeliner (optional)
  • Yellow or gold eyeshadow
  • Green Eyeshadow (a lighter tone and a darker tone)
  • Pink eyeshadow
  • Black liquid eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • False Eyelashes (optional)
  • Sponge Applicators
  • 1 Eyeshadow brush


  1. Prime your eyelids like normal and make sure all the way up to your brow is primed up since this makeup takes up a majority of your eye.
  2. When I did this makeup, I started in the front all the way back, so take a sponge applicator and apply some light blue to the tip and just apply it to the corner of your eye.
  3. If you have blue eyeliner just draw a small line, do not draw the stitch marks until the end.
  4. Now fill in some gold or yellow eyeshadow so it reaches almost the center of your eyelid.
  5. Draw a line using black liquid eyeliner and draw a line at the end of your gold portion.
  6. While you have the eyeliner still out leave a bigger mark for your green part and draw a line at the end of that.
  7. Take a lighter green on an applicator and fill in that box you made for yourself.
  8. If you are really good at drawing shapes on your eyelid, draw some circles on your eyelid using a darker green shadow, or cheat and trace something small that is a circular shape.
  9. On the other side of your line you drew, apply the same gold color you did previously and leave a small part at the end of your eye for your “wing.”
  10. For the wing you’re going to take your blue eyeliner and draw a normal wing except it needs to go more vertical than a regular wing.
  11. Now do a line almost identical to the line you just did and make it more slanted but still vertical.
  12. Take the blue eyeshadow you used before and apply it in the wing that you just made.
  13. Take a thin eyeshadow brush and put some hot pink shadow on it and just rub it on the left side of the wing and on the other side of the wing so it is above the center of the first gold section.
  14. Take a cotton applicator with some pink shadow and apply it on your lower waterline.
  15. Open up your black eyeliner and draw the stitch marks on the black lines and just line your eye but don’t do a wing.
  16. If you line your lower waterline line it also.
  17. Apply two layers of mascara.
  18. If you are using falsies, just apply them now. If you are not, just apply a lot more coats of mascara.
  19. Take your blue eyeliner and draw the stitches on the first line you made and also draw stitch designs in your wing.

Now you are all done!


This look is inspired by the header picture which belongs to YouTuber GlitterGirlC and all rights go to her, I just found the picture on google images!

Stay tuned for more pop culture inspired eye makeup tutorials.

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