Prom Makeup Tutorial!

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to my blog. I’m sorry for not posting last week, I was busy and at a loss of post ideas. I do know prom season is finally here and in my area, most schools have already had their prom, but if you live in a different area or state or country and you still don’t know what to do for prom, then keep reading for simple makeup you can do at home!

Look #1: The Eyes that match the dress

This look mostly revolves around the eyes, you can do what ever else you want for this look. This is more of a last minute kind of eye look if you don’t really know what to do. If your dress is blue you can do an ombre blue eye look. This look is totally up to you and how you want to approach this eye look.


Look #2: The Photogenic Look

I recommend you use photogenic foundation, my favorite is from NYX but it is $17, if you can’t find or afford photogenic makeup, just try to find foundation that doesn’t have any SPF in it, because during your prom pictures you’ll get flash back and you don’t want that. I also recommend you avoid baking your face and avoid powder because that also causes flash back. However, if you want a glowy kind of look, use any kind of highlighter and apply a small amount on to your cheek bones, and also add some highlight to your arms so they look shiny (but not oily). Next, you just contour your cheeks like always using what ever bronzer/contour you want and if you want to, contour your arms so in your pictures they’ll look more muscular.

Look #3: The Nude Eyes

The final look for this entry- the safe look which is the nudes. Follow the same steps as Look #2 for the face, but for your eyelids, just apply some nude colors from your favorite nude palette, the shadows can be shimmery or matte, apply a nice thick wing to your eyeshadow, if you want to do something on your lower-lashline, I recommend you only use black eyeliner and do not use eyeshadow on the lower-lashline because in your pictures it can give the effect that you were crying and you definitely don’t want to cry on the night of prom.

There you guys go, my first and probably only prom entry. I hope you all have/had fun at prom! I hope you guys liked these look ideas, you can always use them for other events that involve pictures with flash being taken because you definitely don’t want flashback!

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Thanksgiving Inspired Makeup- Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys!

This is another tutorial for Thanksgiving! Before I get too deep in this topic, no, this tutorial doesn’t involve drawing turkeys on your face, unless you want to get super festive- I’m sure you can find a tutorial on that on YouTube.

This one is just a casual and fun makeup tutorial, you can wear it any day and any where.

Here are the things you’ll need:

  • Gel Primer
  • Acne Treatment (only if you usually wear this)
  • Face Moisturizer
  • Foundation or BB Cream
  • Concealer
  • Red/Orange/Brown eyeshadow (any color is find as long as it’s a fall tone)
  • Red/nude lipstick/gloss/stain
  • Highlighter
  • Brown eyebrow pencil/gel (optional)
  • Blush
  • Brown or Black eyeliner
  • Mascara

Now, the procedures:

  1. Apply your acne treatment and wait for the treatment to soak in. If you do not use acne treatment, skip this step.
  2. Once your treatment has soaked in, apply your face lotion so your face isn’t dry and cracked.
  3. Wait for the face lotion to soak in.
  4. Apply gel primer so your pores will close.
  5. Apply your foundation, BB cream and concealer like you normally would.
  6. After the fifth step, your face shouldn’t have red spots anywhere, if there still is red make sure to add a little more concealer.
  7. While you wait for your face to dry, work on filling in your eyebrows. If you don’t normally fill in your eyebrows, ignore this step.
  8. Take your eyeshadow brush and apply whichever fall colored eyeshadow that you want and apply it from your waterline all the way up until your almost at your eyebrow.
  9. Once your eyes look even, depending on which fall-color that you chose, use either a brown or black eyeliner. If you chose brown, go with black liner. If you chose different colors you can pick whichever ones.
  10. Apply many coats of mascara, I would say you can use falsies, but this should look really natural.
  11. Apply a light brush to your cheeks so you have a little color but not a lot.
  12. Then apply highlighter to wherever on your face that you want it.
  13. To finish off this look, apply a nude or red lipstick or stain to your lips.
  14. Of course make sure you don’t smudge and you’re done!


I hope every one of my readers have a wonderful turkey day on Thursday! I will be posting more on this blog as well as my other blog (bookblog323). I will be posting new items to our Teespring webstore. We will have some holiday-inspired items. Make sure to stay tuned for our announcement post for our Black Friday discount code!

I wish everyone a fun-turkey filled Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday!


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“No Makeup” Makeup Look

Hey guys!

It’s the fall time officially!

If you haven’t read my last post and if you would like to, just scroll down or go back to the blog’s homepage to check it out. Today I wanted to give you guys a simple makeup look that is perfect for school, work, parties, anywhere you want. It’s supposed to look like you have no makeup on, just keep that in mind.

The things you’ll need:

  • Concealer
  • Nude eyeshadow
  • Eyelid primer (optional)
  • Nude lipstick/stain/crayon
  • Gel Primer (should be clear)
  • Mascara



  1. If you wear any kind of acne creme (Proactive, X-Out, Benzoyl Peroxide, etc.) apply that, if you don’t wear this, then skip this.
  2. If you have gel primer, it should be a clear gel, just apply that all over your face so the makeup doesn’t get in your pores.
  3. Once your primer is on, apply some concealer on your trouble spots, your under-eyes, and wherever else you feel like you need it. Remember not too much!
  4. Once your face is done, find an eyeshadow pallet that has nude colors, and find a tone that is as close to yours as possible and apply that on your eye lids.
  5. Then apply only a few coats of mascara so it doesn’t look like you have anything on.
  6. To finish this look off, you’ll need a lip product that is as close to your natural lip color as possible and just apply it to your lips.
  7. Make sure there are no unblended concealer spots on your face, and once you’ve done that, you’re done!


You should look like you aren’t wearing any makeup! I hope you enjoy this simple tutorial, it was very fun to write. If you have any recommendations, make sure to comment them or comment on our posts on our instagram: @thecomplicatedfashionblog!


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Melanie Martinez ‘Crybaby’ Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hello my readers!

Since I was backed up yesterday, I am posting twice today! If you missed out on my new post that I just posted, just check it out on the bottom of this post. I did a tutorial teaching you guys how to transform your eyes to makeup that is inspired by the mysterious cat- The Cheshire Cat.

Since I have done a lot of Disney and Superhero inspired makeup, I haven’t really focused on music yet! So now I am deciding to do a makeup inspired by a singer who I am pretty sure you know who she is- Melanie Martinez!

If you don’t know who she is, she is a singer who competed on The Voice, a singing reality show, but sadly didn’t win. Since then, she’s released a ton of songs. One of her most popular is a track called “Crybaby.”

I will post the link to her VEVO channel so if you haven’t heard of who she is, you can check her out and maybe become a fan! This makeup is super fun and simple to do, so enjoy and let’s get started!

Things you’ll need:

  • Eyelid primer
  • Black eyeliner
  • Dark blue eyeliner
  • Light blue eyeshadow
  • White eyeliner
  • Light pink or lavender eyeshadow
  • Sponge applicators
  • Mascara and/or false eyelashes


  1. Prime your eyelids so this way the eyeshadow will stay on.
  2. Take your eyeshadow brush and just apply some light pink eyeshadow all over your eye. If you don’t have light pink eyeshadow, use a lavender color.
  3. So now, both your lids are all nice and pink or purple.
  4. Just line your eyes like normal and add a slight wing.
  5. On the center of your wing, draw a teardrop outline using a dark blue eyeliner.
  6. Now use a sponge applicator or an eyeshadow brush and fill in the teardrop with a light blue eyeshadow.
  7. Now your teardrop is filled with blue, take a white eyeliner and just draw one small curved line towards the top and side so it looks like its glistening.
  8. If you’re using false eyelashes, just apply those and if you are not using falsies, just apply mascara to finish your makeup.

Now you’re done and you should look like Crybaby! This makeup is very simple and I hope you guys enjoyed this! I was listening to the Crybaby album while writing this entry.

Click here to check out Melanie’s music:

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