Lush Cosmetics: Twilight Review 

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to my blog, I’m writing my first draft (which is what you’ll probably see) in my bath tub because I’m reviewing this bath bomb, this is my first impression! 

I got this bath bomb, ‘twilight’ and I really thought it would be super cool, which it is. It started off baby pink, but soon it turned a dark purple, and the finished water doesn’t end the same as usual Lush bath products, you can still see through the water, usually the color is so rich you don’t even see through it. 

It does take a long time to get the bomb to fully dissolve too, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, some bath bombs dissolve after five minutes, this took like 20 minutes to dissolve. The bath bomb does smell really good, but this is definitely unique for lush as it differs significantly from lush’s other bath bombs. 
Overall, I have mixed feelings. Maybe I just got the weaker one of the batch. Or maybe it’s just something I have to expect when using other bath bombs I have never used before. I do recommend though, despite my expectations and experiences. 

If any of you have used this product before and you’ve had other opinions or experiences, feel free to comment them, to give fellow readers other insight of what this product can be!

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I am typing this on my phone so the format is a lot different. 
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P.s. I decided to add this in after I got out of the bath and looked at my feet and bath tub and there is a ton of glitter, I didn’t know there was any until I got out, so if you don’t like glitter residue on your body or tub, don’t use this product!


Review: Essie Matte About You top coat polish

Hey everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well this super bowl weekend. About an hour or two ago and I used this top coat that my sister bought at target for $8.99 and it works so well! The container is clear and the polish is a white-creamy color.

It goes on and it looks shiny but within five minutes your polished nails have a matte-finished look and it’s so smooth! The only problem I have experienced using this product is if you use it before your polish isn’t fully dry.

With me, my polish was almost dry and the polish smeared a little when I applied this top coat. I recommend to anyone who does nail art or just enjoys painting their nails.

I apologize for this short entry, I am super tired and just come up with this idea a few minutes ago. This polish overall goes on super nicely, it dries quickly and keeps the polish from chipping or getting destroyed in other ways.

Recent Makeup Haul!

Hey guys!

What’s up? Today I want to write about a recent makeup haul that I went on this past weekend. I went to an e.l.f. store! E.l.f. is my favorite makeup brand because it’s super cheap and their makeup is good quality. I finally got the chance to go to the store rather than their section in Target.

I spent $16.00 there and that actually isn’t a lot when we’re talking about makeup. So in this post I just wanted to talk about these products and review them in case any of you guys are interested.

Product #1- Powder Brush

This brush works very well when I use my powder veil (finishing powder). It is super soft and is a lot easier to use than some expensive brushes. Elf does make a more expensive powder brush that I think might be more expensive, I have the cheaper one that is all black and it definitely does the job.

Product #2- Liquid Highlighter

I tested this product in store and it is very sparkly. I had recently used this product as part of my everday makeup look and it made more oil in it than the highlighting formula. Putting it on my face made my face look very oily and greasy and I didn’t like it. But, I will continue to give it a try.

Product #3- Highlighting Brush

I have been in need of a highlighter brush, I wanted to get one from Elf because it is a lot cheaper. I used it on my powder highlighter and I was so surprised by how well it works. The glitter comes right off the brush and onto my face. It didn’t get stuck in the bristles.

Product #4- Eyeshadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette is a nice addition to the collection. I got this because I needed more nude colors rather than fun bright colors. This palette actually tells you where to put it on your lids. In each color it has a word carved on it ‘base, lid, crease, line’ I found it very helpful because I usually only use one color on my eyes at a time. The colors are VERY pigmented. Make sure to blend well!

That is my haul! Make sure to check out e.l.f.’s website to check out their products and their amazing prices! I am very happy with their products and I always have so much fun using them!

Visit their website:

Their Instagram: elf’s instagram

Follow them on snapchat: @elfcosmetics



Rclbeauty101: ‘Makeup Stereotypes’ Review

Hey guys!

As some of you know, I am a fan of YouTube Personality Rclbeauty101. Rachel was featured on this blog who knows how many times. Lately she’s been coming up with really clever videos including her famous DIYs. Just a few hours ago, Rachel came out with yet another genius video entitled ‘Makeup Stereotypes.’

This will be a new segment on the blog where I review beauty gurus videos from youtube and review them and give my opinion on them. I will also continue doing what I’ve been doing.

Now, in this video, Rachel starts off with doing some natural makeup, in her audio she constantly changes her mind on what to wear because she’s worried about what she might look like in the end result. As the video goes on, she sees many of her friends who tell her she’s wearing too much makeup and she should go all natural. One guy even compared her to a selfie of Kim Kardashian where she’s wearing a full face of makeup.

This video did send out an important message that most girls and boys need to understand. Not only that you can be beautiful with or without makeup but also makeup is a form of art and you should wear makeup only if you want to and not to just impress someone.

The thumbnail to this video is important. It isn’t something to just shock you, but it really does get the message across of the video. Not only is it about beauty itself but I took it as someone tries so hard to make themselves look good and they do actually hurt themselves while doing so. In the video, Rachel plucks her eyebrows and accidentally pokes her eye with mascara.

I feel like a lot of us do sometimes wear makeup to impress others, I definitely have. But, over time I just learned to experiment with my looks and I wear it for myself because it makes me feel more confident with myself. I think it’s not right for someone to tell another that it’s “not right” to wear makeup, or “you look better with makeup” because the applying process does take such a long time and girls and boys that do wear makeup need a break.

I love to wear makeup. I love to go shopping for makeup, I love trying makeup, and I love applying it on others as well. I do sometimes feel insecure with my face when I’m having a bad break-out. Concealer doesn’t make the acne go away but it takes the attention away from it.

Some people aren’t born with full eyebrows, so they have to draw-on their brows or fill them in. People judge them saying they have “sharpie eyebrows.” I personally don’t do my brows because I already have full eyebrows, but it’s not nice to judge someone because of their makeup.

Whoever reads this, if you wear makeup and you enjoy doing it; do it. If you haven’t started wearing makeup but you want to, do it, don’t listen to people who say that you shouldn’t. This post can be taken several different ways, I don’t mean to offend anybody, but wear makeup if you want to, if you don’t want to, don’t do it. Don’t listen to any negativity that you guys may or may not get about your flaws or makeup.

Rachel’s Video:

“Our imperfections is what makes us perfect.”

I’m sorry this turned into a rant, but thank you to my readers for listening and I hope you guys get inspired by my posts. I do work hard and I love the results this blog gets.

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Makeup Brand Reviews: E.L.F.

Hey my readers!


Today I went to Ulta which for those of you who may not know is a cosmetic store that sells all different kinds of makeup such as Revlon, Bare Minerals, Too Faced, Maybelline, and so much more.

Since this visit, I have been in a really good mood because even though some makeup is super expensive and over priced, makeup just makes me happy. Despite wanting to be a best-selling author, I feel like I also want to be a makeup artist as well because I feel like doing my makeup is fun but doing someone else’s is just a ton of more fun.

So, since I feel like today is just a fun,happy,makeup filled day I thought it would be a lot of fun to do a review on a makeup brand which I think is my favorite makeup brand and it is E.L.F.!

E.L.F. is a makeup brand and their products are animal cruelty /testing free and their products are so amazing and they all work great and they’re also very inexpensive. E.L.F.’s mascara you can buy for $1.99 where other brands might be four dollars more which is huge especially when it comes to makeup.

I use many of this brand’s products every day including their Matte Lip Color, All About Eyes set, and Eyeliner and Eyeshadow brushes.

I have been wanting to get more from this brand because their products are so high-quality and very inexpensive. I have been reading shopper’s reviews and I have found some 2-star reviews and I was honestly very surprised because I have had such an amazing experience with this brand.

However, this review was on a product I have yet to purchase (their Baked Highlighter) and summarizing what this shopper said; “It doesn’t come off of your fingers and your brush.”

I read another comment that had 4 stars and this shopper said they had trouble getting it out of the container and they even scraped it off. So, this product must be one of those where you buy products that maybe weren’t made as well as the others that came out of the batch of highlighters.

Every product I have used from E.L.F. has been super great and they come off just as well as the other face products I have used from other brands. Once I get this product I will make a more detailed entry so you guys can check out the product too.

E.L.F. is sold at many different stores including Target, Forever 21, and Ulta, however I didn’t find it actually in the Ulta location I went to, so it might be an online exclusive.

Of course you can visit E.L.F.’s website: to purchase any product directly from them.


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Lush Bath Bomb Review

These things are very cute. Let me start this entry off by saying that. The featured image is my real picture so if you guys use it for a blog or a spread on social media, please give credits to the complicated fashion. The only problem so far is the price. The one that I bought in store costs about five dollars.

That might not sound that bad, but the bigger bath bombs that everyone uses costs anywhere from six to nine dollars. The prices are different in-store than online. But, the great thing is that you can subscribe so every month you can get a bath bomb shipped to your door! Visit to find your country.

Now, back to reviewing. My mom came up with a good idea, which was to cut the bigger bath bombs in half or a quarter to get more for your money. So my sister tried it and she said the water didn’t do fizz and the bath bomb didn’t do anything exciting except make the water change color. Since my bath bomb is small, I just tossed the whole thing in and it worked great. It spun and fizzed and smelled great while doing so. The one I bought is called “pink bath bomb.”

The Pink bath bomb I got has some vanilla in it but it has a strong scent of flowers. It felt nice on my skin and I recommended! Another bath bomb I feel like I can review is their frozen bath bomb. I have not purchased this one since it is arguably the most expensive bath bomb there, but I’ve seen a live demonstration in-store and it works! The bath bomb spins as light blue and white colors swirl in the water, definitely like scene from Frozen. The bottom line is that I recommend both of these products! They work, as long as you put the whole thing in at one time.

Order the ‘Frozen’ and ‘Pink’ bath bombs on the lush website!

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