Lush Bath Bomb Review

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Welcome to this week’s post on The Complicated Fashion. I am going to do a review on the amazing Lush store, make sure to go check out their website or visit them in store.

Today I’m going to review their bath bomb ‘Guardian of the Forest.’ I had bought this a while ago but I haven’t been able to use it as I didn’t have a lot of time to. In the water, you watch the bath bomb break into a skinny piece consisting of mint green, lime green and yellow and by the end of the fizzing time it is a very emerald green color with tiny pieces of glitter.

This bath bomb is probably my favorite to date because of it’s coloring, scent, and their element to just make me relax while being nervous. This bath bomb’s scent does have an indescribable scent, it smells like the Lush store overall. I really like this bath bomb, I just can’t say it enough times. It is a little bit more expensive, but definitely worth it. I know that’s a cliché thing for a customer to say but it is true because I do really like this bath bomb and I will definitely buy it again.

I also want to put this out there that Lush isn’t sponsoring this post, I didn’t get this bath bomb for free, I did pay for this and I really did like it. I feel like I just needed to put that out there for the universe to see.

I am sorry I didn’t have a lot of diverse things to say about this product, but I hope you guys enjoyed it. Make sure to like this post and if you have any recommendations please comment them below and tell me! Also make sure to subscribe to this blog down below, I will be writing new posts for every Wednesday!

Thank you all for the wonderful support that this blog has been getting. This makes me so happy and motivated to write more overall because I know someone reads these blog posts.


Product Review: Yes To Facial Wipes!

Photo Courtesy of Ulta:

Two posts in one day! Today, I am going to talk about these wonderful facial wipes! So my aunt used to work at Ulta several years ago as a makeup artist. Last year for the holidays she gave me a bag full of cosmetics and she gave me these wipes. However, I didn’t use them until last night for the first time.

Now, this will get off-track for a moment. I am a youtuber as some of you know, and I am experimenting with a character that wears some funky makeup. I wear eyeliner in a crease on my eyelid and some bright green eyeshadow. Last night I dressed up as the character to make some short 15 second videos and the bathroom was being used which is where I keep wipes.

I opened up my makeup case and I brought out these wipes and I started using one. The scent wasn’t accurate on blueberries but it worked so well! I know these are facial cleansers but I used this as a makeup remover wipe. The makeup hardly smeared and it came off so much easier than using a baby wipe!

The only thing that I got sad about was how much was in a pouch. I only have one, but there’s 10 wipes in a pouch. I’ll be needing a ton of these in my future!

Bottom line is I recommend these wipes a ton! If you or someone you know wears makeup every day, these make a great gift. They also aren’t too expensive (I’ll post the link to purchase them below) and they come in different scents as well!


Order your wipes here:


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