Product Review: Yes To Facial Wipes!

Photo Courtesy of Ulta:

Two posts in one day! Today, I am going to talk about these wonderful facial wipes! So my aunt used to work at Ulta several years ago as a makeup artist. Last year for the holidays she gave me a bag full of cosmetics and she gave me these wipes. However, I didn’t use them until last night for the first time.

Now, this will get off-track for a moment. I am a youtuber as some of you know, and I am experimenting with a character that wears some funky makeup. I wear eyeliner in a crease on my eyelid and some bright green eyeshadow. Last night I dressed up as the character to make some short 15 second videos and the bathroom was being used which is where I keep wipes.

I opened up my makeup case and I brought out these wipes and I started using one. The scent wasn’t accurate on blueberries but it worked so well! I know these are facial cleansers but I used this as a makeup remover wipe. The makeup hardly smeared and it came off so much easier than using a baby wipe!

The only thing that I got sad about was how much was in a pouch. I only have one, but there’s 10 wipes in a pouch. I’ll be needing a ton of these in my future!

Bottom line is I recommend these wipes a ton! If you or someone you know wears makeup every day, these make a great gift. They also aren’t too expensive (I’ll post the link to purchase them below) and they come in different scents as well!


Order your wipes here:


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