How to fix a broken nail!

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Today I decided to write about this one hack I saw online that can help you with any occasion. I decided to write about broken nails because lately it’s been a trend to wear acrylic nails, so I figured it’ll be helpful for you guys to know about this hack.

Broken Fingernail? Follow these steps!

  • Medium fine buffer the nail that is broken, do not rip the broken part off!
  • Take some regular nail glue and apply some right around and on the tear.
  • Next, just take a tiny piece of mesh or other stretchy material and use a tweezer to apply it on top of the tear.
  • Using the tweezers, apply the material on top of the glue which should be on top of the tear.
  • Apply more nail glue on top of the material, don’t be afraid of using too much.
  • After the glue is dried completely, buff the material into shape with your fingernail.
  • Next, using the same file you’ve been using to buff, file down the edges of your nail that may be sharp.
  • Gently buff the material more until it starts to be smooth.
  • The piece should be totally smooth and if it isn’t keep buffing it.
  • After you’re done buffering, rinse the finger gently to help remove nail shavings that may be stuck in the material.
  • Add a layer of nail glue on top and let it air dry.
  • Buffer everything smooth and let the nail glue dry.
  • After everything’s dry you’re safe to apply the top coat of nail polish and then paint them like always and no one will be able to know that your nail broke!

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Why blending makeup is important!

Hi everyone,

Today I was struggling with a topic to write about then I remembered this incident. This incident occurred yesterday at school. Beforehand I did my nice matte makeup and felt so beautiful and felt so confident then my boyfriend pointed out that I didn’t blend it all in on the side of my face.

It wasn’t wet, but my skin tones were very uneven yesterday. I decided this was a good topic because I wanted to be somewhat educational for you guys, instead of doing the normal product reviews and tutorials. Of course I find this incident super funny because I probably have been doing this ever since I started makeup I just never noticed it! But shout out to my boyfriend (who does read these posts) for letting me know!

But to the point: Before you leave your house for work or school or your other daily activities, always make sure to fully blend everything in all the way, and make sure to put makeup on all of your face or else you will look like I did yesterday XD.

I am sorry for this post to be so short, but I hope you guys liked this story time.

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Birthday Haul

Hey everyone,

I have so much fun writing about beauty hauls and I also find myself having fun watching youtubers do haul videos-whether it be clothes or makeup, it’s just so fun. So I decided to write about this birthday haul. I am not trying to brag in any way, I just figured that maybe you guys will be entertained by it? Maybe? I don’t know, let’s get into it!

**I’m also listing the websites of where I got each item so you can check out those items also!***

1.) Pink Torn Shorts from Charlotte Russe

I love this store’s shorts because for me it is hard to find shorts that fit my figure and I don’t know if it’s just me but I hate when the waistbands of my pants are big to the point someone can stick something down them, I know it’s weird. So, I decided to get this pair of shorts because I don’t really own a lot of ripped shorts and I really like that style of shorts.

2.) Denim Shorts from Charlotte Russe

I really love denim shorts because of the fact that they go with any top of any style and design. I especially love refuge’s shorts because they’re soft and they fit me right.

3.) Chocolate Bon Bons Palette from Sephora

I went to the store in the mall and I saw this palette and I wanted it but also didn’t want to spend the money, but I decided why not? I slowly am escalating my makeup collection from drugstore products to higher brand products- but I am not ditching elf. I love this product because the colors are super fun and they have nude colors as well as some highlight colors and some fun vibrant colors. Not to mention the color smells like chocolate.

4.) Tarte’s Tartiest PRO Amazonian Clay Palette from Ulta

I got this palette as a birthday present from my parents. I might’ve mentioned this on the blog before, but I have been wanting this palette since I first got into makeup but I knew I would never get it because it is $53. The closer it got to my birthday the more hints I got from my mom that she was going to get it, but I played it cool. I watched videos on YouTube about this palette and a lot of beauty gurus hated this palette because ‘the colors smushed together’ but doesn’t any color do that anyways if you use too much of different colors? Well, I went to the Ulta store purposely to sample this product as well as some other face products and I used I think 3 different colors on my eye and I immediately loved it, and not because I had been wanting this palette for so long. I will go into more detail when I use this palette.

5.) Free Birthday Gift from Sephora!
Since I am a part of their email list, I got the exclusive offer to choose between a Tarte travel pack (that they give you) or another item from a brand I had never heard of before. So obviously I went for tarte because lately I have been obsessed with Tarte. In this gift I got a miniature matte lip paint which is named ‘birthday suit’ and a small blush called ‘parrty’ (I will post swatches on our Instagram @complicatedfashionblog) So, if anyone from Sephora is reading this blog, a big thank you to you for even having this offer, not a lot of stores do this and I think I actually do like Sephora a lot more.


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The New EOS Shimmering Lip Balm Review

Hey guys!

Happy Holidays! I hope you all had a wonderful day on Sunday (if you celebrate). I got a new EOS Shimmering Lip Balm. It is the white and black one, I know that EOS doesn’t reveal the exact flavor/scent. I got the EOS Pearl Balm and it is a solid vanilla.

I know EOS sells a vanilla-mint balm that is in a light blue and white case which I love, it is one of my favorites. I think this new shimmer balm is a lot nicer. I know in the commercials they make these shimmer balms look like it has nothing but glitter on it. This is actually not the case.

This lip balm is white but has a tint of sparkle, when it is on your lips it looks like you have regular lip balm on, of course it’s a clear color.

I have been wanting to try this lip balm for a while now, and when I found out that I got it, I was super excited because then I can have a new topic to write about and review. I think this shimmer is available anywhere you can buy regular EOS lip balms. However, I believe the price is a little higher as they’re still new.

Bottom line is that I LOVE this product already, it makes my lips super soft and I cannot get enough of the amazing scent! I hope you all have the opportunity to try this amazing lip balm out!

Real Deal VS. Store Brand

Hey guys!

I got this idea earlier this morning when I was in the bathroom when I saw I have real brand products but also I have the store brand version of the product. I decided to write about each of these products and ultimately pick between the two which is the better buy. I hope this gets fun and helps you guys with your next shopping trip! Now, let’s get started!

  1. Head and Shoulders VS. Kroger (Ralph’s) Dandruff Shampoo

I use the head and shoulders because I do get dandruff, and since I do have darker hair it shows up easier. I always use the actual Head and Shoulders brand, but one day when I went to the supermarket, the brand was too expensive. So I gave the Ralph’s brand (Kroger) a try since it was a lot cheaper. The bottles were almost the same. The first time I used this shampoo, it made my hair feel and look greasy and oily the next day. Though I rinsed and rinsed it out, the shampoo stuck to my hair! I eventually got it to rinse out but I am not super patient when it comes to shampoos. If you are patient, it might work for you, but since I am not one of those people, it doesn’t work for me.

The Better Buy: Head and Shoulders- pay the extra money to get a shampoo that works better.

2. Up and Up (Target) Women’s Razors VS. Venus Razors

I love love love my Venus razor, it leaves my skin so soft and it rarely pulls my leg hair and skin when I shave. However, my armpits is a different story. I was going out of town for a few weeks and I wanted to buy new razors to take with me, so I decided on the Target brand’s version of the Venus razors. These razors are purple and white, and they are pretty cool looking and they work. The only problem I had was that it pulled my armpit skin, but that seems to happen with any razor I use.

The Better Buy: Up and Up- save the few extra dollars for a razor that works the same.

3. Yes To Makeup Remover Wipes VS. Kirkland (Costco) Makeup Remover Wipes

I got the Yes To wipes as a gift for the holidays, and they work very well, I used them to take off my mascara, eyeshadow and my face makeup and it worked well. They’re just expensive when you need to get more of them. My grandma who wears a lot of makeup recommended I try the Costco brand because they supposedly work a lot better than name brand wipes. Plus, you get a box full of them. there’s about 30 wipes in a package and there’s a ton of packages in one box. They do work very well, They don’t smear any of the makeup, it just comes right off.

The Better Buy: Kirkland- hands down

4. Proactive VS. Up and Up Benzoyl Peroxide Cream

Proactive of course is a big brand when it comes to skin care, but did you know that Target sells their own brand of cream similar to Proactive? This cream has 8 more percent of Benzoyl Peroxide where Proactive only has 2 percent! The good thing about using the Proactive is it moisturizes your face where the Up and Up dries your face a bit. I like to use Up and Up first and then put Proactive on over it so it blends in but it also keeps my face soft and moisturized.

The Best Buy: Up and Up- in terms of working better and is also a lot cheaper.



Ugly Christmas sweaters can be cute?

Hey guys!

I hope you all had a wonderful Friday yesterday. Today I am going to talk about something that is now in season; Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters are usually worn at family Christmas parties, or in embarrassing Christmas card photos. It can also be worn as a part of street fashion?

Celebrities including Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Demi Lovato and so much more have been spotted walking the streets and red carpets in them!?

I personally have found some acutal cute Christmas sweaters that aren’t ugly at all, and I would wear it in public. Forever 21 sells pajama sweaters that have a Christmassy twist to them.

I feel like all Christmas sweaters are actually really cute. I haven’t worn one before but hopefully this year I will be able to! I don’t really have a lot to say, but sometimes I can be style driven which means I want to be in the latest trends and I don’t really care about comfort, but at the same time I am comfort driven which means I want to be comfortable and at the same time I want to look stylish.

If you are interested in getting an ‘ugly’ Christmas/holiday sweater, make sure to check out all the clothing stores you may shop at and find one you are interested in, and also look for one that is in your budget. I personally love over-sized sweaters so I would get one a size bigger for myself so I can be more comfortable.

Below are some websites you can check out to find some holiday sweaters:

Forever 21



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Rclbeauty101: ‘Makeup Stereotypes’ Review

Hey guys!

As some of you know, I am a fan of YouTube Personality Rclbeauty101. Rachel was featured on this blog who knows how many times. Lately she’s been coming up with really clever videos including her famous DIYs. Just a few hours ago, Rachel came out with yet another genius video entitled ‘Makeup Stereotypes.’

This will be a new segment on the blog where I review beauty gurus videos from youtube and review them and give my opinion on them. I will also continue doing what I’ve been doing.

Now, in this video, Rachel starts off with doing some natural makeup, in her audio she constantly changes her mind on what to wear because she’s worried about what she might look like in the end result. As the video goes on, she sees many of her friends who tell her she’s wearing too much makeup and she should go all natural. One guy even compared her to a selfie of Kim Kardashian where she’s wearing a full face of makeup.

This video did send out an important message that most girls and boys need to understand. Not only that you can be beautiful with or without makeup but also makeup is a form of art and you should wear makeup only if you want to and not to just impress someone.

The thumbnail to this video is important. It isn’t something to just shock you, but it really does get the message across of the video. Not only is it about beauty itself but I took it as someone tries so hard to make themselves look good and they do actually hurt themselves while doing so. In the video, Rachel plucks her eyebrows and accidentally pokes her eye with mascara.

I feel like a lot of us do sometimes wear makeup to impress others, I definitely have. But, over time I just learned to experiment with my looks and I wear it for myself because it makes me feel more confident with myself. I think it’s not right for someone to tell another that it’s “not right” to wear makeup, or “you look better with makeup” because the applying process does take such a long time and girls and boys that do wear makeup need a break.

I love to wear makeup. I love to go shopping for makeup, I love trying makeup, and I love applying it on others as well. I do sometimes feel insecure with my face when I’m having a bad break-out. Concealer doesn’t make the acne go away but it takes the attention away from it.

Some people aren’t born with full eyebrows, so they have to draw-on their brows or fill them in. People judge them saying they have “sharpie eyebrows.” I personally don’t do my brows because I already have full eyebrows, but it’s not nice to judge someone because of their makeup.

Whoever reads this, if you wear makeup and you enjoy doing it; do it. If you haven’t started wearing makeup but you want to, do it, don’t listen to people who say that you shouldn’t. This post can be taken several different ways, I don’t mean to offend anybody, but wear makeup if you want to, if you don’t want to, don’t do it. Don’t listen to any negativity that you guys may or may not get about your flaws or makeup.

Rachel’s Video:

“Our imperfections is what makes us perfect.”

I’m sorry this turned into a rant, but thank you to my readers for listening and I hope you guys get inspired by my posts. I do work hard and I love the results this blog gets.

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