The Best Part of Makeup

I was thinking a lot in the shower- about my makeup. I do have a lot of makeup, probably more than most professional makeup artists. I was thinking about the future in this particular field as I don’t want to go to college.

I was looking at online cosmetology courses, being more interested in doing my studies at home but the course is $600, which is a struggle for me to get that kind of money. But, cutting to the point.

To me, makeup isn’t just material things, makeup isn’t something I use to cover insecurities because I don’t have insecurities when it comes to my face. I like my face the way it looks naturally but it does feel a lot better to cover the acne scars with  makeup.

To me makeup is more of an art and a way to express yourself. I like to use a lot of color on my eyeshadows and keep a natural lip, and I think that’s the most fun of makeup because you get to show your creative side. I love spending time watching makeup gurus do character/themed eye makeup and wishing I had that kind of talent (you can see my makeup @samimakeup_).

I’m hoping one day I can expand on my love for makeup and get my cosmetology license, as well as continuing to be a writer.


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Recent Beauty Haul!

Hi everyone,

I hope you all understand my schedule situation. This post is coming out today because  I just wanted to talk about each of the items I got on this haul. I do like every product that I had bought. **Note that this page is not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned.

I hope you enjoy!

1.) L.A. Colors 6 Color Eyeshadow- Almost Nude

I got this product at the dollar store, I know right? I am a cheap shopper, but I do have this palette but in a different color and those colors work very well and is super pigmented. I used the hot pink color for my Harley Quinn makeup. This is a new color that just recently came out and I wanted to try it for you guys. There are all different nude colors with a sponge applicator wand that is double sided and can be really useful for drawing designs on your face.

2. L.A. Colors Trio Eyeshadow- Water Lily

This palette caught my eye because it has a teal-green color with a pink and a light blue. I have another palette also that has pink, lime green and a blue that I use for costume makeup and it has a flower printed on the top. I have not used this palette yet but I am excited because I do love to wear fun colored shadows.

3.) L.A. Colors Trio Eyeshadow- Iris

I love the color combination for this trio which is a purple, pink and blue. I have not used this palette yet but I believe the pink in this palette is the same as the palette I have used which is a nice tone pink, it’s similar to a magenta color but it is a little lighter and has some glitter, but not too much which I do like. I will most likely use this product for costume makeup.

4.) Peace Rose Oil Sensitive Skin Mud Mask- Shea Moisture

I have not used this mask yet but I do have a good feeling about it. This mud mask I believe was from target but it was a gift to me from another family member. I have never used a mask before but I hope it does work out very well for me.

5.) Charcoal Paper Mask- Yes To

Again, a mask but I haven’t tried it yet. I have heard from users though that this is a good mask and does help clear the face up. I do have blackheads on my nose and cheeks and I do want those to be gone. I hope I can use this mask soon!

6.) African Black Soap Mud Mask- Shea Moisture

The final mask, I promise! I haven’t used this yet, but I am thinking of this being my first mask that I try because I have used the facial wipes that are from Shea Moisture and is African Black Soap and it has cleaned my face well and got some remaining makeup off of it which is good too.

7.) Prep and Hydrate Balm- e.l.f. cosmetics

This is the first skin care product that I had bought from elf and I definitely like it. I use it as a substitute for primer and I really like how it feels on my skin. I do wish that there was a little more product though due to the cost of $8.

8.) Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths (2 Pack)- Elf Cosmetics

I bought this because I bought a single pack for $3 and this two pack was only two dollars more and you get double the amount. I thought it would be a better buy. Usually I use one wipe to take off my entire face of makeup.

9.) Blending Eye Brush- Elf Cosmetics

I accidentally bought this thinking it was a regular eyeshadow brush, but it does work as both a blending brush and just a plain old eyeshadow brush. It applies color just the same and the bristles are really soft.

10.) Smudge Brush- Elf Cosmetics

Again, I use this as a regular eyeshadow brush, though I think this is for smudging eyeliner. It does work as a regular eyeshadow brush though.

11.) Essential Lipstick- Nostalgic- Elf Cosmetics

I was in need of a nude color lipstick. I had bright red, bright pink, velvet red and pink and wanted a color made for a natural look because I don’t want to wear bright colors everyday. It goes on super easy with a ton of color the first wipe on.

12.) Essential Lip Stain- Crimson Crush- Elf Cosmetics

This lip stain is super strong. I thought the color would be very faint but instead it’s very strong and bold. I usually wear lip stain as a substitute for lipstick because that way the color stays on all day and doesn’t really come off on anything where lipstick comes off easily.

13.) Essential Lip Stain- Nude Nectar- Elf Cosmetics

Still is super bold. It’s almost the exact same opinion as the lip stain for the Crimson Crush lip stain. I do like both colors though.

14.) Baked Highlighter- Blush Gems- Elf Cosmetics

I have a highlighter in the color ‘Moonlight Pearls’ and I really love it. I’ve noticed that the first layer of the dome-shaped product is very faint so once you wear the product down a slight bit, the shine and the color shows up way more than it did previously. I have not tried this particular color yet as I want to finish my highlighter that I already use, but I am excited for this highlighter use.

15.) Clay Eyeshadow Palette- Seaside Sweetie- Elf Cosmetics

I really like this palette. The packaging was very basic, but inside it has a mirror as well as 5 pigmented colors. I love how it came with a plastic sheet that tells you where to put each of the colors. However with me I use a color for the lid and a color for the crease and sometimes I highlight my brow, depending on how classy I want to get. I do love the colors and think this palette is actually very beautiful. Great addition to my collection, for sure.

16.) Under eye Concealer and Highlighter- Glow/Fair- Elf Cosmetics

I decided because it is cheaper I would just give it a whirl. I really like it. I use this after I do my face makeup but before I start my eyeshadow. I like how it is my color tone and it blends super well. One thing I have noticed though is that you should let it settle before using your beauty blender because maybe I’m just using it wrong but when I put it on my bags and dark circles, I feel like it doesn’t cover that much, it just looks like it has a little coverage. But that could be me just not using it correctly. I have never used an under eye concealer before.


That is my blog entry, thank you so much for reading. I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope you like this blog. I have been working super hard to get this blog to be the best it can be. But it still will take time.

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My Skin Care Routine!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to this week’s post! Today I decided to write about my skin care routine because mine is pretty unique compared to others out there. This blog post also is not sponsored by any of the following brands, I just am a fan of these products. So, let’s get into the blog post, shall we?

Usually I do most of my skin care at night when I shower. In the mornings however, I do use Clean and Clear’s “continuous control” face wash on an Up and Up (Target brand) facial exfoliating pad.

After I use this face wash I apply Up and Up’s benzoyl peroxide gel on my face and when that dries, I use coconut oil on my face to help moisturize and fade some acne scars.

At night when I am in the shower I use Clean and Clear’s foaming facial cleanser to help remove some makeup I forgot to wash off beforehand, I leave this facial cleanser on my face to let it soak into my face before I rinse it off. I usually leave it on for about four minutes tops.

Next is when I get out of the shower and I put the benzoyl peroxide gel on again. This helps way more than Proactive, however it does dry my face out. So after this gel soaks in and my face is dry, I put proactive on all over my face and I wait for it to dry. After it dries I once again put coconut oil on to moisturize and fade scars.

That is my face routine, I do like to describe what I do every day so you guys can understand it better. The products are listed below in case you want to try any of these products, I definitely recommend all of these products because they make my face feel really great.

  1. Clean and Clear Continuous Control facial wash
  2. Up and Up (Target Brand) Exfoliating Pads
  3. Up and Up Benzoyl Peroxide Gel
  4. Coconut Oil
  5. Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser
  6. Proactive

I still do get breakouts, these products don’t necessarily stop the breakouts from happening but they do a good job at cleaning my face and if any of you guys have questions about my routine or any of these products, make sure to comment them below and I will answer them!

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