How to fix a broken nail!

Hey guys,

Today I decided to write about this one hack I saw online that can help you with any occasion. I decided to write about broken nails because lately it’s been a trend to wear acrylic nails, so I figured it’ll be helpful for you guys to know about this hack.

Broken Fingernail? Follow these steps!

  • Medium fine buffer the nail that is broken, do not rip the broken part off!
  • Take some regular nail glue and apply some right around and on the tear.
  • Next, just take a tiny piece of mesh or other stretchy material and use a tweezer to apply it on top of the tear.
  • Using the tweezers, apply the material on top of the glue which should be on top of the tear.
  • Apply more nail glue on top of the material, don’t be afraid of using too much.
  • After the glue is dried completely, buff the material into shape with your fingernail.
  • Next, using the same file you’ve been using to buff, file down the edges of your nail that may be sharp.
  • Gently buff the material more until it starts to be smooth.
  • The piece should be totally smooth and if it isn’t keep buffing it.
  • After you’re done buffering, rinse the finger gently to help remove nail shavings that may be stuck in the material.
  • Add a layer of nail glue on top and let it air dry.
  • Buffer everything smooth and let the nail glue dry.
  • After everything’s dry you’re safe to apply the top coat of nail polish and then paint them like always and no one will be able to know that your nail broke!

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DIY Glitter Lipstick

Hi everyone,

I decided to do more DIY posts because there always new ideas in my brain. Lately the trend is to wear different colored lipsticks and glittery everything. Combining those two ideas I came up with this DIY.

This craft is super easy and simple. The things you will need:

  • A brand new EOS lip balm- can be any flavor, but preferably use their traditional lip balm (the egg shaped ones)
  • Mixing bowl (any size)
  • Lipstick (don’t use a high-end brand one, just go to the dollar store and pick one out)
  • Loose glitter
  • Pressed glitter
  • A spoon or spatula to mix it with
  1. The first thing you’re going to do is take a knife or a fork and scrape the EOS lip balm product out and into a bowl. Please try to get all of the product, this way the container can be usable for your new product.
  2. Next take 1/3 of the lip balm out of the bowl and you can save it and put it in a smaller container so it doesn’t go to waste.
  3. Take your lipstick (can be any color) and push the product all the way out and take a knife or a fork and cut the product and drop it into the bowl.
  4. Add the desired amount of loose glitter.
  5. Add the desired amount of pressed glitter.
  6. Then start mixing the product together, once it becomes a paste, put the bowl into the microwave for maybe 10 seconds.
  7. Once it is out it should be in a liquid state.
  8. Next, take your empty eos container and flip the center piece (the center piece looks like a wheel).
  9. Next carefully scoop/pour the new product into the old eos container and clean up the edges using a Q-Tip. Note that this will not look dome shaped until after the refrigerator process.
  10. Take the container and put into the fridge for about an hour, you can leave it in longer.
  11. Once it is after the desired amount of time it is ready for use!

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DIY Contour Slime!

Hi everyone,

I saw this idea on Rachel Levin’s (rclbeauty101 on youtube) channel and I thought this was a very smart idea. Rachel always posts very clever and easy DIYs and you just sit and wonder “does this really work” and it sure does! I decided to post this slime for you guys because you seem to like the diy’s that I post on here. So I hope you enjoy!


1 Tb of MetaMucil **Make sure it has psyllium husk***

Liquid Foundation in a dark tone (for the contour color)

1 cup of water

A whisk

and a microwave

and a bowl to mix it in

Now here’s how to put it together:

1.) You first get a tablespoon of metamucil, this will help make the slime slime.

2.) You will pour liquid foundation in any color of your choice to the bowl.

3.) Take a spoon and just mix the two together until there is brown clumps.

4.) Add a cup of water to the mix and whisk it all together.

5.) Then you will microwave this for five minutes.

6.) Stop the microwaving process when it has around 2:30 left  to add more foundation to the mix.

7.) Continue mircowaving

8.) After taking it out of the microwave, let it cool.

9.) Then take a popsicle stick and scrape the slime off the sides of the bowl and pour the slime into a container to keep it in.


The great part of this slime is that it won’t get on your fingers! The way to get the color out of it is to push on wherever you want the contour slime to go and it’ll stick on to what ever part of the skin. Note that you might need to use a beauty blender and concealer to cover some lines that the contour slime might make once you push it down.


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DIY Eyeshadow using Crayons!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to today’s blog post, I’m going to try to post a new blog two times a week so then I can try to get more readers and followers.

Today I decided to teach you guys how to make eyeshadow using three things; coconut oil, crayons and a microwave. You also need a spoon and a bowl and a container to put the finished product in.

If you don’t have a microwave you can light a candle and hold the bowl of product above the candle, that way the product can melt.

You will need a box of crayons (preferably non toxic) that way the product won’t hurt you as bad if it gets in your eye, nose or mouth. I recommend RoseArt or Crayola or another big name art brand. This is a good time not to trust small-name brands. Next you will need coconut oil or vegetable oil. I used coconut oil for mine and it seemed to work out.

  1. First you will need to pick out a color from the crayon box. I’ve heard that if you have metallic crayons those show up way more pigmented than a regular crayon.
  2. You will need to unwrap the crayon. I cut the crayon into small parts and was able to get the wrapper off easier that way, but it still took a good 5 minutes.
  3. Next you will take a spoon and scoop as much coconut oil in the bowl depending on how much crayons are in the bowl.
  4. Next you will put the bowl of product into the microwave for about 3 minutes on the high power.
  5. Once the three minutes is over, the bowl will be somewhat hot so if you can’t tolerate heat, have someone help you with this step.
  6. Once the product is out, take the spoon and stir the additional chunks together that way the entire product is liquid.
  7. Next find a container that you’ll be storing this product in.
  8. Pour the product into the container and seal that container.
  9. Put the container into the fridge and let it cool for about a half hour.

Note that once the product is out of the fridge, you might have to warm it up a little bit to let it get a little creamy for you to use. mine was in the fridge for about 20 minutes and I used it and it had very little color. So I put it in the microwave for 7 seconds on high powder and it got a little more product on my finger. It shouldn’t turn to liquid however.

Now you have your own eyeshadow! I hope you guys liked this tutorial, make sure to share your pictures with us on Instagram @complicatedfashionblog !

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Thank you guys so much!


DIY Lipstick using Crayons!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a new post about DIY Makeup! I know that a lot of people have seen those videos made by beauty gurus on YouTube about making your own makeup without using makeup. Eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, what else? Today I will tell you how to make lipstick using crayons, which isn’t super difficult.

We have posted a tutorial on how to use colored pencils as eyeliner, so make sure to check that out. Now let’s get into this tutorial!

There are several ways to do it, depending on what youtube tutorial or what blogs you read, I will be posting the easy one, considering you’ll need five things.


  1. Crayola Crayons- These particularly are non-toxic, so if they get in your eye, mouth, or is somehow entered internally, it won’t hurt you majorly due to little kids eating them.
  2. Empty chapstick or lipstick container- to store your new lipstick in. Can be used in another container, as long as it isn’t dusty and dirty.
  3. Coconut Oil- To moistuize, and to make your mixture not only crayons.
  4. Heat- To melt the crayon.
  5. A container to make the lipstick in


  1. Get a small container, to mix the soon-to-be lipstick.
  2. Unwrap the crayon and break it into three pieces and put it in the container.
  3. Scoop into coconut oil one time and put it in the mixture.
  4. Find your candle, and hold the container above the flame and mix the soon-to-be lipstick together with a spoon.
  5. It should be liquid by the time you’re done mixing.
  6. Then pour it into the container you will be keeping it in and put it in the fridge for 30 minutes.
  7. After the 30 minutes are done, it’ll be usable!


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DIY: Ugly Holiday Sweaters!

Tis the season of giving to others, having no school and of course- ugly Christmas sweaters.

When I looked for some at stores located in a mall near me, I had trouble finding a cheap Christmas sweater. I decided of the idea, why not make a post about making your own? I thought it was a good idea, but at the same time I thought about the cost and the outcome, the cost can be expensive depending on where you buy your supplies and the outcome is supposed to show your creativity as well as make it not the most attractive sweater you’ve seen.

The things you can buy are limitless, if you are willing to spend some money on supplies so much as buttons, bells, glitter glue, anything, Michael’s might be good if you live near one, if you want to spend less, you can buy the same supplies at the Dollar Tree’s craft section.

And for the sweater part, who wants to see an ugly Christmas sweater? Just take a plain knit sweater that you never wear from your closet or go to a clearance section of a store that you like and find a colored but plain sweater and that will be your canvas.

I think this idea is fun for anyone, but it seems that ugly sweaters have been the craze when it comes to teenagers. Maybe because we’re finally older and want more fun in the holidays?

I think this idea will be good for someone who has a lot of free time because then you’ll have more time to pull the sweater together and make sure everything stays on and doesn’t fall off.

I hope you guys still enjoy this blog, I’ve been working hard to make sure that I’m posting something new on this blog at least every week!

Thank you for subscribing and reading, I really appreciate it, and if you don’t check back into this blog, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season !

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DIY: Bubblegum Lipstick

This is another diy idea from the youtuber RCLBEAUTY101. The featured picture is her finished bubble gum lipstick products. As you can see, she did make several different ones and I actually love this idea! It’s very inexpensive and it looks pretty good when it’s finished!

Here’s what you’ll need:

2 pieces of double bubble bubblegum (pink colored)

1 Bowl



Food Coloring


Empty eos/lipstick containers

1 Cotton Swab



  1. Pick out two pieces of double bubble bubblegum (pink colored) and put it in a bowl.
  2. Put a scoop of Vaseline in the bowl as well.
  3. Drop about 7 droplets of food coloring into the mixture.
  4. Put it in the microwave for 30 seconds on high setting.
  5. The mixture should be a little liquid, mash the bubblegum pieces up more with a spoon and put it back in the microwave.
  6. Put it in for another 30 seconds on the same setting.
  7. Stir the liquid some more
  8. Get your empty Eos or lipstick container and make sure it’s fully empty!
  9. Scoop some liquid and put it into the container until it’s full.
  10. Take a cotton swab and clean the edges of the container.
  11. Cap the container up and put it in the freezer for 5 minutes
  12. Test it out!


There you go! Your directions on how to make your very own lipstick out of bubblegum! If you like this, subscribe to me and put your email in to be added to my mailing list!