Hello there!

Welcome to this blog. The Complicated Fashion is a big project I have taken up because I have a love for fashion and beauty. I have helped my family with picking out clothes for special events as well as during the shopping trips. The Complicated Fashion was created at first to post reviews I have written for clothing and products on famous stores’ websites. But, those plans have changed.

The Complicated Fashion has soon turned into a location for tutorials/DIYs, opinions, reviews and more. However, we are still starting out. This blog was started originally on blogspot, but I wanted to expand it, make it bigger and more professional. Now, here’s a little more about our founder.

Our founder wouldn’t like to release her name/ personal photos. I would like to stay anonymous, on this blog however. I love to write creatively and I would like to be a bestselling author when I grow up. I also have a strong love for makeup and have been self-teaching myself to become a somewhat good makeup artist.

I would like for this blog to be super helpful in any possible way and I would love for it to be interactive on Instagram (it’s the only social media page I have made for this blog.) I hope everyone likes it and I hope there is a bright future for this blog, as well.

Thank you so much for reading this about page and thank you for being interested in this blog!

Check us out on instagram: www.instagram.com/complicatedfashionblog

~The Complicated Fashion


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