Ways to Help With Anxiety

Hi everyone,

I haven’t talked much about my anxiety on this blog before because originally I had intended this blog to be more about fashion and beauty, but I want it to be a safe environment where we can all talk about ourselves openly and share ideas with one another as well.

With a lot of thinking, I feel finally ready to open up about my journey with anxiety, and tell you guys of some ways to help cope with it.

I started having severe anxiety when I was a young child, about 8-9 years old, first it started as stage fright, and then as I got older the more severe it got and the more secrete I was about it. The first two weeks of freshman year in high school, I forced myself to throw up because I felt like that’s what truly helped me, boy was I wrong.

I have found some activities and little things that helps with anxiety, and as always not everyone is the same, and everyone’s anxiety and fears are different from one another, but I love reading what other people do and I like to try out new things and see if those things also help me too. So I hope this helps someone out there.

One thing I like to do is makeup- obviously. When I first started makeup I found it super calming, just something about the brushes just felt super relaxing to me, and being able to use colors that may be funky or different just really express myself in a way that is artistic and calming. Whenever I got nervous and anxious, regardless if it was 7 am or 8 at night, I would play with makeup and just feel better.

Another thing I like to do is adult coloring, this may sound weird but I have some coloring books and I just color, it takes your brain somewhere else and all you do is focus on a small part of a design and you instantly forget your problems, and that’s one of my favorite things to do when I get anxious.

Another thing that works for me is writing, whether it be me working on a novel, a blog post, or a fan fiction, whenever I write I get absorbed in a world I created and I just zone out of reality for an hour while I get lost in writing.

Those three concepts are definitely what works for me the most, but of course everyone’s different so my concepts may not work for everyone, but some other tricks that you can do of course is to follow your passion- whether it’s writing, acting, singing, dancing, politics, etc. when you work on your passion you kinda forget your problems. 🙂

Some other tricks you can do includes:

Going for walks

Walking around the house

Playing with pets

Hanging with friends

Talking it out

Watching lava lamps

Playing with dual sided sequins (these are my favorite things right now)

And so many more!

I hope this blog post helps you guys out, and if you have suggestions for future posts please let me know!

For business inquiries/PR interests please contact complicatedfashionbiz@gmail.com

– Sami

The Complicated Fashion

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