Review: The Sili-sponge

Hi everyone,

Welcome to this blog, I realized I didn’t already review this product and I think this post is very overdue.

I don’t have the exact sili-sponge but I found a cheaper version of the sponge on Amazon for $4. This sponge looks exactly like the real deal and it does an amazing job at blending.

The company that makes the real sponge says it blends so well that you don’t use as much product as you would with a brush or beauty blender and I think I use very similar amounts if not the same.

This product spreads the product around but it does blend so well. I always like to take my beauty blender to clean up any foundation that might not have been blended in all the way which was never the case.

I have noticed though that this sponge definitely does not blend well with concealer, I don’t know why that is, but maybe for different concealers than I have it’ll work better.

Now, I like that this sponge is soft and can fit in compact spaces in a makeup bag, it isn’t too big and definitely not small. I do have the clear one which is more like the original but if you look at them on amazon they do come in different colors now. Also I like that very little product shows up on the sponge which means you aren’t wasting as much product and it is super easy to clean.

I did learn of this product from Instagram as well as Jeffree Star on YouTube I’ll post all the links below.

I hope this post is informative and helps you guys out if any of you really wanted to know about this product.


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