How to tell if makeup is fake on eBay!

Hello everyone,

This idea came to me while I was soaking my toe. I have seen my share of beauty gurus on YouTube reacting to fake makeup they bought on eBay as well as comparing the fake products to the real products.

I think that this post is just a guide for my readers to use for when you go through eBay, I haven’t bought makeup from eBay, and if I have it was too long I can’t remember. But, you do need to be careful while scrolling among brands that do have fakes out there, some including MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Bobbi Brown, Kylie Cosmetics, and more. It does help to have your product you’re looking for online near you or keep a window open on your computer on the real website so you can compare. Because, all you need is to compare at this, now let’s get started!

MAC Eyeshadow Quads


  • No applicators included
  • Has a clear top


  • Comes with applicators
  • Black top of packaging
  • The box doesn’t look the same as the real product.

MAC Eyeshadow Palette


  • No applicators included
  • Has the signature MAC font (check their website)


  • Comes with eyeshadow
  • Fake MAC font
  • Has nudes and blue color in palette

MAC Eyeshadow Singles


  • Comes in boxes
  • Does have bright colors


  • Comes in bright colors
  • Doesn’t come in boxes
  • Green color isn’t right
  • Seller has hundreds ready to sell

** helps to compare from ebay and the MAC website***

MAC Palette


  • Doesn’t have colorful and brown and black colors packaged together.
  • No eyeshadow brush/applicators
  • No 12 pan palettes (especially cream eyeshadows)


  • Comes in a 12 pan palette
  • Comes with cream shadows
  • Has pinks, blues, purple, green, white, gray, brown and black in one package
  • Comes with a eyeshadow applicator
  • Incorrect boxing


NARS Shadow Duo:


  • Shadows are placed in metal containers but they don’t show in packaging as much as fakes.


  • Shadows are placed in metal containers but they show more in the fake product.


NARS Liquid Eyeliner:



  • Comes in a clear bottle
  • Boxy packaging


  • Black bottle
  • Cylindric packaging

NARS Brush


  • Nars doesn’t make a retractable powder brush


  • Makes retractable powder brushes
  • Brushes don’t look realistic

MAC Brushes


  • Have a slight shine on the handles
  • More matte handles


  • More shiny
  • Has a roll up container for brushes

Bobbi Brown Brush Set


  • The logo is imprinted into the bag.
  • Logo is bolder than fakes
  • The real brush is more oval shaped (fake brushes look more like a kabuki)


  • The bag looks totally different.
  • The brush is a small kabuki brush.
  • No logo is imprinted into the bag.


These are just some things to look out for when shopping for makeup on eBay. This post wasn’t to tell you to not shop on ebay for makeup but to just pay more attention to the products. It always helps to look at the feedback that the product gets. Like I did suggest at the beginning, when shopping for the products, make sure to compare the ‘fake’ product to the real deal.

Also, there are way more fake products out there than what I mentioned, and no way am I saying that every makeup product on ebay is fake because there are a good amount of people selling real deal products. This problem also doesn’t just happen on eBay, some discount apps do sell fake versions of our favorite brands, so just be aware.

I hope this page helps you guys in some way, make sure to like this post and share it on social media because I want your friends and family and followers to be aware too because sometimes there are bad chemicals in fake products and it is good to get people aware.

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~The Complicated Fashion





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