ELF Makeup Haul!

Hey everyone,

Welcome to this post on the blog. Today I wanted to talk about Elf again, they are not sponsoring our blog’s post BUT they did give us permission to continue to write about their products on the blog which is very nice of them.

DISCLAIMER: I am writing this before the package even got to my house, it should be here in two days, so I will be writing another post that is the review for the products. And also all the links for the items will be on the bottom of the page!

So make sure to subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already, and make sure to like this post if you want more haul posts. Now let’s get into it.

Elf had an amazing spring sale on their website, by the time this post gets published, I don’t know if it will still be on, but make sure to check their website just in case: www.elfcosmetics.com

1.) The first thing I got from the sale was an eyeshadow set that came with a brush as well as three eyeshadow duos for $2.00, which I think is such a good deal because you get amazing colors and a brush for so cheap.

2.) I got a baked eyeshadow trio in the purple color. It has like an ombre which I find super pretty. When I went in-store they had a set of these that had so many for like $10.00, and I wanted to get it but I didn’t, and this item was on sale for $1.60 which isn’t too bad. However, I did read online that these are better with a wet sponge applicator, so when it comes I am going to try it wet and dry to see which actually works better.

3.) I’m getting another 2-pack of makeup remover wipes because I have about 1 1/2 packs left and it’s always good to stock up right?

4.) I’m getting my first bronzer. I got a bronzer before but it was a free gift and I gave that gift to my mom so… I’m getting one for myself and this is a baked bronzer and it looks like it has some sparkle, so we will see. This item cost $1.20 on sale. But, it is sold out!

5.) Tone correcting concealer, I guess you can say I got inspired by those instagram makeup tutorials, so I decided that I need a concealer on a stick. We will see how this works out, they only had like one color and it luckily was my own color. I also got this for $0.40 on sale which is a great deal.

6.) An eyeshadow brush because you can never have too many eyeshadow brushes! I got it at regular price for $1.00

7.) Flawless eyeshadow palette because I loved my eyeshadow in the color ‘Tantalizing Toupe’ and this is an ombre which I recently love to do on my eyes. I got this for $0.80

8.) I’m getting another set that has three eyeshadow duos and a brush for $2.00 which like I said isn’t bad.

9.) Another eyeshadow trio for the same price ($1.60) this one is like golden browns and I am really loving the nude look, so we will see!

10.) I’m getting an essential lipstick in a shade that is on sale for $0.40 where the rest are $1.00 or so, I have the nude color and really like it, so I decided to give some pinky colors a shot.

11.) I’m getting another lipstick for $1.00 and it is a more pink color where the other one is a redder color. I really like the berry color.

12.) Another lipstick, I forgot I ordered three, this one is like if you missed numbers 10 and 11 together and this lipstick was one dollar also.

And because we spent more than $25.00 we got a free gift from elf, and their gift changes everyday after I order it feels like, they’re always changing their gifts, so make sure to go check out their collection at www.elfcosmetics.com and you can get so much for $25, My mom and I combined got like 16 or 17 things for that much and we scored free shipping and their gift, so make sure to go order stuff now!

Links to buy the items mentioned:

1.) Baked Eyeshadow Trios

2.) Day to Night Smoky Eye Set

3.) Flawless Eyeshadow Palettes

4.) Essential Lipsticks

5.) Bold Beauty Eye Set

6.) Tone Correcting Concealer

7.) Makeup Remover Wipes- 2 Pack

8.) Baked Bronzers

9.) Eye Shadow Brush

Check Out what my sister got!

10.) Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow

11.) Baked Eyeshadow


Those are all the items that we bought but some of the items we did buy are sold out right now, but make sure to go check out the elf website and check out the items we did purchase. Make sure to see what their special gift is so you can get that deal also, because you do get good stuff!

Automatically you get free shipping when you spend $25 or more, and you can only get a gift when you have $25 or more, and you need to add the code in to your check out process (gift is free)!

Thank you for reading,

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