Odd Makeup Hacks that Work!!

Hello everyone, Welcome to today’s post where I will be talking about weird makeup hacks that actually work.

I know there are many people who watch hack videos (including myself) that are like “wow that’s a good hack, I bet that doesn’t work though.” But, I am going to tell you all hacks that actually work because I feel like that is my job as a beauty blogger and because these pots are really fun.

1.) Red lipstick as color corrector

I personally was a little biased at this one. I saw this hack in an Rclbeauty101 video and I immediately tried it and it works. I don’t have ‘raccoon eyes’ but I have dark circles that show up bad in person and sometimes in photos. So I’ve incorporated this hack in my everyday makeup routine.

For this hack all you need is concealer and red lipstick, and you rub your finger on the lipstick so you only get a tiny bit on your finger and you just dab it on your dark spots, you’re not supposed to let it soak in or blend it to the point you see the red.

Then you’ll just take your concealer and put it on top of the red. You do need to do this a few times to get full coverage though, which is the only downside.

2.) Coconut Oil and Tea Tree Oil work better than Proactive!

We all have seen the Proactive infomercials as well as see it in stores now. But, did you know that coconut oil and tea tree oil work way better? I found this out after a shower one night when I decided to switch up my skincare routine.

Both oils work but of course use it one at a time. If you don’t mind your face being a little dry, then I recommend you go for the tea tree oil. I believe you can buy tea tree oil anywhere, I get little jars of it for like $6 at Trader Joe’s. As for coconut oil, you will get an acne-fighting moisturizer out of it and you can buy it at any store that sells groceries.

3.) Got Cold Sores?

This hack only works if you have a cold sore directly on your lips, if it’s inside your mouth it won’t work.  All for this hack you will need is gel deodorant; brands that you can choose from include Secret, Mitchum, Gillette and you can buy it at target for inexpensive prices.

Once you open the stick just rub a tiny bit on your finger and just let it soak on the sore and overnight you’ll notice improvement.

4.) Beer In the Hair!

If you are under 21, make sure you have parental permission before doing this and make sure to refrigerate your cans of beer, make sure to let them know that you are not going to drink the beer but use it for your hair, trust me, they will be puzzled.

First you’re going to take a beer can and open it and pour it into a bowl and make sure to just stir it with a spoon. Next, with your fingers you are going to rub the beer into the ends of your hair. The beer helps your hair shine as well as repair split ends.

5.) Cotton Ball On Eyelashes

I saw this hack in an RCLBeauty101 video, and I searched this hack and there are different ways to do this hack to get the same result- longer looking lashes. If you don’t want to apply false lashes, this hack will help your lashes look like false lashes, but be fully natural.

First you’re going to take a piece of cotton ball and swipe it upwards along your top lashes, as if you’re applying mascara, you can use a clean mascara/eyebrow brush if you don’t want to use your fingers for this. Next, you’re going to apply mascara like always, but alternate between the mascara and the cotton ball. Trust me, it may sound dumb but it does work.

6.) Powder on Eyelashes (refer to #5 for the process)

This is an alternative if you don’t want to use a piece of cotton ball. The process is exactly the same, but with this powder, you need to use loose powder and you have to be careful to not get the powder in your eye.

7.) Kool Aid for Lip Stain

Can’t find the perfect lip stain color and you don’t want to pay a load of money for one? Well, you can make this DIY for really cheap! You’re going to need a bowl, spoon, any color of Kool-Aid that you want, water and vaseline.

First you’re going to get a bowl and pour the kool-aid in the bowl and put a few drops of water into the bowl and stir it until it’s like paste. Once it’s paste you’re going to apply it to the lips and let it dry for about 3 minutes (you may need to reapply the mixture if you want the bold tone.)


There you go guys,

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