Outfit of the Weekend: 3/4-3/5

Hi everyone,

I decided to do another one of these because I feel like I don’t talk about fashion as much as I have before, so I decided to write about my outfit from this particular weekend.

Saturday, March 4th, 2017

Top: For my shirt I wore my 5 Seconds of Summer shirt that I got from their most recent tour ‘Sounds Live Feels Live’ it has a picture of each of the guys on the front wearing red crowns and on the back it has all the dates they went to here in the states.

Bottoms: I wore my Harley Quinn Active Capris I got from Hot Topic. I like these pants because they are really soft and really makes me feel good about myself. I am a thin girl but I feel a lot better about myself wearing these pants, and I’m not just saying that. Everyone has that one pair of clothing that just fits them very well.

Shoes: I wore my Superstars Adidas in the black color to top this outfit off. 

Accessories: I kept it minimal, wearing my pink beaded bracelet made of calming beads and wore my good luck ring from Hot Topic.

Makeup: I decided to not wear makeup, shocking, I know. But I decided to just focus on skin care, cleaning my face and trying several acne and skin care hacks that I will write about in a separate post so stay tuned!
Sunday, March 5th,2017

Top: I’m wearing a long sleeved gray tee shirt from Forever 21 on this colder day. It has an attached hood as well as drawstrings to adjust the hood.

Bottoms: I’m wearing basic black leggings from Forever 21 with a wider waistband which I really like to give me that yoga pant feel. 

Shoes: I wore my converse that have batman designs on the inside, outside, tongue and laces and these shoes are Journey’s exclusive.

Accessories: I kept it minimal, wearing the same bracelet and ring as yesterday, and kept my miniature backpack on me that I had purchased from Amazon for about 20 dollars. I had decorated it with various pins from hot topic.

Makeup: I kept it small, wearing eyeshadow from Tarte’s Amazonian Clay palette and Too Face’s Sweet Peach palette later on in the day and wearing Eos’s vanilla shimmer balm. 
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