Earthly Body Appreciation!

Hello everyone!

I think I have posted on this blog before that I am affiliated with an amazing project! It is this project trying to raise awareness for animal testing and abuse. The project has a instagram account as well as a GoFundMe page so I will post the links below if you want to check the project out and support it as well.

So because I am affiliated with this project, I felt like it was very necessary that I post about it because this is a fashion and beauty blog and animal testing does fall under that category. I know that using makeup that might test on animals is very hypocritical. Which is why I am trying to support this project, to help raise awareness.

Getting to the point, Earthly Body, a company that sells moisturizers, lip balms, makeup, etc. Sent us a bunch of goodies for free to use for our project to show peers that there is a company out there that embraces being animal cruelty-free which I think in today’s society is something very important.

This page itself is not sponsored, but our project is and I appreciate Earthly Body so much for taking time out of their busy day to send the project some amazing products. So shout out to them!

Two products I definitely have used and recommend to my readers are their miracle oil products. Their miracle oil itself helps relieve dry skin, as well as pain that can be located anywhere on the body.

Another product I recommend is their Miracle Oil Creme which is a creme that has tea tree oil in it as well as many other natural ingredients. Both product links are down below.

Just wanted to give this company some appreciation that they definitely deserve. Thank you Earthly Body for being a cruelty free company!


To donate to the project on GoFundMe

Check the project out on Instagram!

Earthly Body’s Miracle Oil Creme

Earthly Body’s Miracle Oil


Thank you for reading!

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