Outfit of the Weekend: 2/11-2/12


Hey guys!

Welcome to this week’s post, today I wanted to talk about what I am wearing today/yesterday, I think I might do this more often depending on how you guys like it. So make sure to comment and tell me what you want to see from me on this blog and I will make sure to do so. I always love requests.

So I will write a paragraph describing each item, what accessories, and below the paragraph I will write the prices, where I got them (the store’s website if applicable). So let’s get started!

On the 11th of February I wore a gray and black striped sweater-styled top i got at Fashion Q. The fabric is different from anything I have worn before and it is super comfortable. I have had it for a few months and I think I wear it more than any other top. For the pants I wore just plain black leggings I bought at Forever 21. I believe and I always stock up on these because they are comfortable and I love the new style in which it has a thicker waistband. For shoes I wore my batman converse I bought at Journey’s.

Gray and Black Sweater- $12.99 at Fashion Q

Black Basic Leggings- $3.90 at Forever 21

Batman Converse- $39.99 at Journey’s

On the 12th of February I wore a black V neck from Forever 21 as a part of their ‘basics’ collection and I paired it with a pair of Harley Quinn yoga pants I got from Hot Topic. I matched it with a floral ring from Hot Topic and a pink bracelet made of calming beads that I got for a gift. I matched the outfit with a pair of black and white Adidas superstars.

Black V-Neck- $3.90 at Forever 21

Harley Quinn Yoga Pants- Not Available

Adidas Superstars- $80.00- Adidas


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