My Skin Care Routine!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to this week’s post! Today I decided to write about my skin care routine because mine is pretty unique compared to others out there. This blog post also is not sponsored by any of the following brands, I just am a fan of these products. So, let’s get into the blog post, shall we?

Usually I do most of my skin care at night when I shower. In the mornings however, I do use Clean and Clear’s “continuous control” face wash on an Up and Up (Target brand) facial exfoliating pad.

After I use this face wash I apply Up and Up’s benzoyl peroxide gel on my face and when that dries, I use coconut oil on my face to help moisturize and fade some acne scars.

At night when I am in the shower I use Clean and Clear’s foaming facial cleanser to help remove some makeup I forgot to wash off beforehand, I leave this facial cleanser on my face to let it soak into my face before I rinse it off. I usually leave it on for about four minutes tops.

Next is when I get out of the shower and I put the benzoyl peroxide gel on again. This helps way more than Proactive, however it does dry my face out. So after this gel soaks in and my face is dry, I put proactive on all over my face and I wait for it to dry. After it dries I once again put coconut oil on to moisturize and fade scars.

That is my face routine, I do like to describe what I do every day so you guys can understand it better. The products are listed below in case you want to try any of these products, I definitely recommend all of these products because they make my face feel really great.

  1. Clean and Clear Continuous Control facial wash
  2. Up and Up (Target Brand) Exfoliating Pads
  3. Up and Up Benzoyl Peroxide Gel
  4. Coconut Oil
  5. Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser
  6. Proactive

I still do get breakouts, these products don’t necessarily stop the breakouts from happening but they do a good job at cleaning my face and if any of you guys have questions about my routine or any of these products, make sure to comment them below and I will answer them!

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Thank you for reading,

~The Complicated Fashion



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