Best Dressed at the SAG Awards!

Hello everyone,

I have been getting your comments and they are super sweet! I didn’t know I manually have to approve your comments, so I am sorry for the delay on that. It is amazing to see what you guys think of our blog, because it is still not to its fullest potential. I can’t wait to see this blog escalate the more I work on it. Now, to this post.

The SAG Awards (Screen Actors Guild Awards) aired on television this past Sunday (1/29) and there were some really pretty dresses, and some who I thought weren’t the best. I am not trying to put anyone down or say the dresses were ugly because that’s not the point. I just want to point out the dresses I thought were beautiful.

  1. Kaley Cuoco

If you have a snapchat or instagram you might have seen this dress, it is a longer gown with little flaps hanging off the body of the gown. Kaley matched the gown with a necklace that looks like it’s the same material as her dress. She kept her hair pulled back but left a few strands loose. For her makeup she went with a nude lip and a strong smokey eye as well as a simple cheek contour.

2.  Millie Bobby Brown

Millie has been taking the world by storm because of her performance in the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things.’ Millie kept it simple with a sparkly headband and let her short hair down. She wore a red dress that went down to her feet and it had a few ruffles on the top. Being twelve years old she kept her makeup simple, using a nude eyeshadow and nude lip with a hint of blush.

3. Emma Stone

Emma wore a lacey black dress, with not a whole lot of stones, but enough to make the dress simple and classy. The dress was lined with a nude colored fabric underneath the black lace. Emma stuck with a lighter pink lipstick and a grayish-blue eyeshadow, which matched the dress very well.

4. Viola Davis

Viola wore a strapless white gown that had a slit that went up maybe to her knee. The gown was simple but it was tied together with a pearl necklace. Viola kept her hair down and kept it simple with her makeup.

5. Taraji P. Henson

Taraji wore a baby pink, and purple combo in her dress. Her dress had lace and a big cutout in the chest. She had appliques all over her dress. The dress went up to her neckline and had a small black bow before the cutout. Taraji wore baby pink shadow to match the tone of her dress with a light pink lipstick.


There you go! These are some of the best looks of the night! Comment and tell me if you want me to do the worst looks of the night! Thank you so much for commenting and saying sweet things. It makes me super happy to be writing this blog again.

~The Complicated Fashion



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