Senior Portraits Help!

Almost that time of year where people will need to take senior portraits. I have been trying to find good advice for you guys who will be seniors this coming school year. Being a part of the yearbook staff, I have seen really good portraits and some that could’ve been better. Not trying to be super judgemental.

This is my own advice, so here we go!

  1. Make sure not to use makeup that has SPF protection! Makeup such as foundation or BB cream sometimes have SPF protection in them, which is great for every day wear, but when you go to prom, or do senior portraits where there are a TON of pictures are being taken, they make your skin look oily and shiny, which isn’t the best look.
  2. Minimize the amount of shimmer on your face. Pick if you want shimmer on your eyelids, cheeks or lips, don’t do all three. It will make your face look super shiny (like I said above). Make sure to choose one!
  3. Stick to nude colors for your eyes. If you have nude eyeshadow, stick to those colors, whether it’s super light, your shade, or a little darker, those make your eyes stand out in the picture. Make sure not to use colors such as yellow, red, blue, purple, pink, etc. Gray however IS acceptable.
  4. Use a new mascara tube! If you happen to have a new tube of mascara, use that so it avoids clumps on your eyelids, because the photographer might get in your face and you will see clumps on your lashes. If you want to use false lashes, go ahead, just make sure you glue them good and make sure to have someone look at it to fix it if needed.
  5. NO lip gloss! As I have said in the first two bullet points, avoid lip gloss because of the fact that they make your lips super shiny and the light will reflect on them and you can look awkward in the yearbook.
  6. If you’re going to wax your eyebrows, do it 3-4 days beforehand. If you’re going to wax your eyebrows, make sure to do it before hand so then you don’t have redness on your face.
  7. Bring translucent powder if needed. Never hurts to bring a cosmetic bag full of additional makeup to touch up before the shoot. Make sure to bring a powder brush and translucent powder to touch up your makeup if needed.
  8. Use matte makeup. If you want, use matte products to give your face a smooth effect, your pictures will show it. Not to mention that your face won’t be shiny.
  9. Don’t over-pluck your eyebrows. Again, to avoid redness. Make sure to pluck them, but don’t over-do it!
  10. Don’t wear designed clothing. When you see senior portraits, people don’t wear clothing that has crazy designs on them. Make sure to bring a suitcase full of clothes so the photographer can pick out the clothing. Make sure to wear solid colors, black, red, green, any color.
  11. Make sure you don’t bring clothes that can be distracting. Usually people wear clothes that don’t distract you. Don’t wear anything with ruffles or other kinds of distracted clothing.
  12. Have a friend or family member look at your makeup. This is optional, but make sure to have someone look at your makeup so they can tell you if something doesn’t look right.
  13. Do your makeup near a window or do it outside! Just to get the natural light, because all the lights make you look different.
  14. Make sure to moisturize your lips before hand. Chapped or peeling lips will be noticeable, before you start moisturizing your lips a few days before hand.
  15. Wash your face. This one is self explanatory. Just to cleanse your face and to reduce possible breakouts!
  16. Don’t highlight your brow bone. Again, it can cause a reflection on your brows, if you are going to do it though, keep it subtle.
  17. Use coconut oil a few days before hand. Coconut oil makes your face oily and shiny. Make sure to start moisturizing your face with coconut oil a few days before hand. Coconut oil helps fade pimple scars and to help keep your face and skin moisturized.
  18. Use powder foundation if possible. For me at least, using Bare Minerals’s powder foundation for my school ID picture really helped me, it didn’t give me any reflection but it helped cover some pimples, scars, etc.
  19. Don’t experiment the day of. This is crucial. Don’t wake up early and find the look you want to go for, because if something goes wrong, you might be late. It’s always good to practice several days/weeks beforehand to find the look that is good for you.
  20. Use proactive or other acne fighting creams. These are optional to use, but when you wash your face days before the shoot, make sure to use proactive or other fighting creams to reduce pimples!
  21. Make sure to shave them pits! You might be asked to put your arms up and if you’re wearing a strapless, or sleeveless dress or top, the photographer wouldn’t want to see them armpit hairs, make sure to shave them and make sure there is no stubble growing.
  22. Go to bed early. Make sure to go to bed a little earlier than usual, so you don’t look super tired when you go to take the pictures and to avoid the dark circles under your eyes.
  23. Practice smiling. Make sure to find the smile that is right for you, whether it’s smiling with a closed or open mouth. Think of memories that made you smile to get that genuine smile.
  24. Take selfies! Feel confident before taking your portraits. Taking selfies beforehand will give you an idea of what you’ll look like in the portraits (as far as hair and makeup) and make sure you make yourself feel confident before going to take your photos!


That’s all I have, if I missed anything make sure to comment them below and I will add them to this list. While I did my makeup for this current school year, I watched RCLBeauty101’s Picture Day Makeup Tutorial video and adjusted a few things and it really helped. If you want to watch it to get a few extra tips from there and to actually get a tutorial on how to do your makeup, check it out here-   that video really helps!

Thank you for reading,

The Complicated Fashion



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