DIY: Ugly Holiday Sweaters!

Tis the season of giving to others, having no school and of course- ugly Christmas sweaters.

When I looked for some at stores located in a mall near me, I had trouble finding a cheap Christmas sweater. I decided of the idea, why not make a post about making your own? I thought it was a good idea, but at the same time I thought about the cost and the outcome, the cost can be expensive depending on where you buy your supplies and the outcome is supposed to show your creativity as well as make it not the most attractive sweater you’ve seen.

The things you can buy are limitless, if you are willing to spend some money on supplies so much as buttons, bells, glitter glue, anything, Michael’s might be good if you live near one, if you want to spend less, you can buy the same supplies at the Dollar Tree’s craft section.

And for the sweater part, who wants to see an ugly Christmas sweater? Just take a plain knit sweater that you never wear from your closet or go to a clearance section of a store that you like and find a colored but plain sweater and that will be your canvas.

I think this idea is fun for anyone, but it seems that ugly sweaters have been the craze when it comes to teenagers. Maybe because we’re finally older and want more fun in the holidays?

I think this idea will be good for someone who has a lot of free time because then you’ll have more time to pull the sweater together and make sure everything stays on and doesn’t fall off.

I hope you guys still enjoy this blog, I’ve been working hard to make sure that I’m posting something new on this blog at least every week!

Thank you for subscribing and reading, I really appreciate it, and if you don’t check back into this blog, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season !

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As always,

The Complicated Fashion

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