Holiday Items + Black Friday Code!

Hello my wonderful readers!

Today I added multiple items to our Complicated Fashion Webstore! It would mean a lot if you guys just go and check it out. I’ve been updating it everyday.

As promised, I made a Black Friday coupon code which when it is redeemed will give U.S. addresses Free Shipping!

Black Friday Coupon Code: FRIDAYSALE 

Also, another announcement, most of the products that I added today will be listed below, all products in this list are available until December 11th. Teespring does offer Christmas shipping which allows your package to be delivered before Christmas Eve.

  1. Nap Queen Women’s Pullover Sweatshirt
  2. Slay Women’s Tee
  3. I’m Fine, Thank You Hoodie
  4. Unicorn Tee
  5. 99 Problems Baby Onesie
  6. Dollar Love Tee Shirt
  7. Mermaid Women’s Tee

If you want to see our full collection, visit our webstore directly: New products will be listed all the way up until December 20th!


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