Check out my other blog!

Hello guys!

Just before I put this out there, I want you to know I am NOT abandoning this blog to work on the other one. I am going to post on them both and I will keep posting weekly/daily.

I created another blog BookBlog323 , which is where I will discuss writing, reading and of course; books. It would mean a lot if you guys check it out or go follow it. I am still going to post on this one, like I said I’m not going to abandon it.

I have worked very hard on both blogs and I hope you guys enjoy them as much as  I do writing them and working on them. Thank you already for reading, liking and giving me feedback on this blog, it really means a lot and I love to see what you guys think about my blogs.


Also, make sure to stay tuned for more items on this blog’s Teespring Shop, it’s getting closer and closer to the holidays which means holiday-themed items will be added. Sales on Black Friday AND Cyber Monday will be happening, so stay tuned for those!

Link to our shop:



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