Makeup Brand Reviews: E.L.F.

Hey my readers!


Today I went to Ulta which for those of you who may not know is a cosmetic store that sells all different kinds of makeup such as Revlon, Bare Minerals, Too Faced, Maybelline, and so much more.

Since this visit, I have been in a really good mood because even though some makeup is super expensive and over priced, makeup just makes me happy. Despite wanting to be a best-selling author, I feel like I also want to be a makeup artist as well because I feel like doing my makeup is fun but doing someone else’s is just a ton of more fun.

So, since I feel like today is just a fun,happy,makeup filled day I thought it would be a lot of fun to do a review on a makeup brand which I think is my favorite makeup brand and it is E.L.F.!

E.L.F. is a makeup brand and their products are animal cruelty /testing free and their products are so amazing and they all work great and they’re also very inexpensive. E.L.F.’s mascara you can buy for $1.99 where other brands might be four dollars more which is huge especially when it comes to makeup.

I use many of this brand’s products every day including their Matte Lip Color, All About Eyes set, and Eyeliner and Eyeshadow brushes.

I have been wanting to get more from this brand because their products are so high-quality and very inexpensive. I have been reading shopper’s reviews and I have found some 2-star reviews and I was honestly very surprised because I have had such an amazing experience with this brand.

However, this review was on a product I have yet to purchase (their Baked Highlighter) and summarizing what this shopper said; “It doesn’t come off of your fingers and your brush.”

I read another comment that had 4 stars and this shopper said they had trouble getting it out of the container and they even scraped it off. So, this product must be one of those where you buy products that maybe weren’t made as well as the others that came out of the batch of highlighters.

Every product I have used from E.L.F. has been super great and they come off just as well as the other face products I have used from other brands. Once I get this product I will make a more detailed entry so you guys can check out the product too.

E.L.F. is sold at many different stores including Target, Forever 21, and Ulta, however I didn’t find it actually in the Ulta location I went to, so it might be an online exclusive.

Of course you can visit E.L.F.’s website: to purchase any product directly from them.


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