Fall Must Haves!

Ah, yes, it’s the time for fall which means Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks, comfortable flannels, fireplaces and of course halloween. Fall fashion ranges all over the fashion scale, some people don’t want to let go of the summer and wear the summery type clothing while most of us want to embrace this season and let go of the summer heat.

After scrolling through the internet and finding multiple fall-themed products that I feel like I must have this season, I decided to come back to this blog with a nice list of products I want, and maybe you want too.

Some products come from Lush, from Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and whatever else comes to my mind. You’re welcome.


1.) Pumpkin Bath Bomb from Lush

I don’t get bath bombs very often because first of all they’re always so expensive! I hope to go on a big fall shopping spree in which I can get a majority of Lush’s best sellers and this badass looking bomb.

2.) Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb from Lush

I feel like maybe the last bath bomb was too halloween-y and maybe some of you readers didn’t really want halloween products on this list. This bath bomb however has a mix of all Fall colors such as green, yellow, red and orange and in the shape of a leaf- how festive!

3.) Hooded Flannel Shirt from Forever 21

Flannels are probably the most comfortable things ever. I have two flannels both from Forever 21 and they are so comfortable! I love that most clothing manufactures are choosing more olive green this year as our fall color. Such a wonderful color spectrum this year.

4.) Lace Cropped Cami from Forever 21

Another cute contemporary product from Forever 21. These products are so comfortable and cropped camis are another popular trend this year alone. Even though the weather is sadly cooling down, you can wear this and a big flannel over it with a pair of washed jeans.

5.) Tiered Crochet Skirt

Skirts may not be a summer thing, depending on the skirt, color and style. If people can wear shorts and dresses and rompers, why not wear a nice looking skirt?



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