September Fashion Icon

Hey guys!

Welcome to another post on this blog. Today I am going to do the monthly Fashion Icon edition. If you’re new to this blog and you maybe don’t know what this is, I’ll do a short introduction.

Every month two celebrities (actors, actresses, youtubers, athletes etc.) are chosen and the readers pick on our Instagram account which person they want the Fashion Icon to be. The month of August had YouTube Personality rclbeauty101 (click the link to view her channel.) I had you guys vote in a survey last month for who you guys want as the  Fashion Icon for this month.

We got so many different votes it was hard to decide, but due to the many different votes for different people, we decided to do all of them, so we already have an icon for the rest of the year/beginning of 2017. So, now we present to you, this months edition.

This month, we picked YouTube personality; rollersk8rkid. She is a proud supporter of this blog, and often than not she models for us on Instagram. Now, here’s a little background on this young Youtuber.

Sami started YouTube October 8th, 2011. Once she finished posting skating videos of her younger sister, Brandi, whom appears in her videos often, Sami started getting tons of following from posting videos such as Then and Now videos in which she posted pictures of cast members from television shows.

In 2013, she hit 2 million views on a single video. Nowadays, she deleted her older popular videos to focus on her own videos that showcases her editing and acting skills as she plays a character, Melaknee Bigglesworth.

Sami’s most popular video currently has over 3,300 views and has been watched by 5 different countries including the United States. Sami has viewers from over 26 different countries, a majority being from the United States.

Sami has always had a love for fashion and beauty, she has always loved to take pictures of her sister outside wearing different outfits. Which is why we are happy she is a happy supporter for this blog. Sami loves to design as well as help people she knows with fashion advice.


Check Rollersk8rkid out on social media:





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