August Style Icon: Rclbeauty101


Welcome to this special page of this blog. We posted on Instagram last month and asked you guys to vote on who you guys wanted to see be the Style Icon for the month of August and it was between Colleen Ballinger, YouTube personality and Rclbeauty101 another Youtube personality. It came down to Rachel (rclbeauty101) and Colleen will be September’s Style Icon. So now, here’s a bit about Rachel or as some may know her as RclBeauty.

Rachel is a YouTube personality who specializes in makeup tutorials, DIYs and beauty hacks, hint the name rclbeauty. As of recently she has started a short series on her YouTube channel revolving around the beloved Disney princesses in which she plays Belle. The Princess series includes characters such as Ariel, Elsa, Belle, Cinderella, Tiana, Jasmine, Snow White, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty . As of her latest episode, she included Pocahontas, Merida, Mulan and Anna. Below are the links to each episode in the series:

Disney Princess Carpool Ride

Disney Princess Pool Party

Disney Princess Slumber Party

Disney Princess Date Night

Disney Princess Go Back To School

Rachel also started a Superhero series similar to the Princess series in which she plays Wonder Woman. She includes Spider-man, Batman, Superman and Harley Quinn along with the Joker. In the Superhero Pool Party video she included Iron Man and Catwoman.

Other than YouTube which has rose her to fame and gave her her first Teen Choice Award nomination for the ‘Fashion and Beauty’ category for the internet, she does a lot for charity and for her fans.

For those of Rachel’s viewers reading this entry, you know every month she does a special giveaway to her viewers in which she gives away macbooks, gopro cameras, and more. She also donates a ton to charities. In one of her videos she has announced she donated $1,000 to a charity that revolves around breast cancer. She also sells old clothes on an app called depop, which is an app where you can sell books, clothes, shoes, purses, antiques, anything with just a picture! Check them out on instagram: @depop .

Congradulations to Rachel for being our first ever Style Icon and for being such a successful YouTuber. She gained 7 Million subscribers in just one year! Check her out on all social media:




Instagram- rclbeauty101

Snapchat- rclbeauty101

Depop- rclbeauty101

Who will be the next style icon? Vote now here:

Voting Rules and Information:

  • Can be any age and you can vote as many times as you want, you can submit as many different/same celebrities as you want!
  • The top three most mentioned celebrities will be the three nominees and whoever gets the most votes from there will be September’s Style Icon
  • You must be submitting only celebrities! Can be a popular YouTuber, Athlete, Comedian, Actor/Actress, Dancer, Muser, anybody as long as they’re famous!
  • Submissions will end on August 31st
  • Voting will start September 7th, and the winner and blog post will be posted sometime between September 9-10th.

Easy right? Voting is now open so start submitting!!!!!!


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Thank you guys!

~Complicated Fashion


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