Harley Quinn Casual Outfit from Hot Topic

If you guys follow us on Instagram, you would’ve seen a post about a Harley Quinn outfit you can buy from Hot Topic. This outfit is not affiliated with Suicide Squad however. This shirt has a design that says “I’m not saying I’m Harley Quinn I’m just saying that I’m head over heels for my puddin’.” Below has a heart with a silohouette of The Joker and Harley kissing.

This shirt is in Hot Topic’s ‘Suicide Squad’ page but it was released before their original fashion line inspired by the movie. I personally got this shirt a few sizes bigger because I’m usually a size Small, but depending on the shirt at Hot Topic I can be any size. For this outfit I also matched it with a Batman cosplay bow that is for sale at Hot Topic and a pair of black high-waisted shorts I purchased from the clothing store Charlotte Russe.

To finish the outfit, I wore my Batman converse that is available at Journey’s. Below are the links to purchase this outfit!

Harley Quinn Tee Shirt

Batman Cosplay Bow

Batman Converse

Black High Waisted Shorts

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