Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Cosplay Tutorial

Hello readers!

Time is going by fast and before we know it, it will be August 5th means which means we get to see the baddest heroes on the big screen which I’m very excited to see! Lately I have been obsessing over Harley Quinn’s new look in this film as she wears a baseball tee, biker gloves, biker jacket and hot pants. I myself have bought the outfit but if you haven’t and you’re interested, the links to buy everything you’ll possibly need will be below.

For my take on Harley, I used those cheap cans of red and blue hair color spray on my ends and they’ve washed out so easily. If you don’t want to dye your hair this will be your best chance if you want to really do something to your hair for this costume. You can use hair extensions if you don’t want to spray/dye your hair. You will need pigtails either way and make sure you use one red hairband and one blue one to match your makeup and outfit.

For my costume itself I used the raglan tee from Hot Topic and it works very well even if it’s just a casual wear. The shirt itself is great quality. The shorts I bought from a seller on eBay from China and the shipping was pretty fast. I don’t wear the shorts a lot because I’m saving them for Halloween but they’re comfortable. I did get my normal short/pant size (medium) when I should’ve gotten a large. I suggest you order a size up. Lastly I ordered tights on amazon to wear under the shorts which makes the shorts feel looser and they have Harley’s tattoos printed on them! They are one size fits most and they are a little big but with my shoes you can’t tell.

My makeup I use black liquid eyeliner, pink and blue eyeshadow that I purchased at the dollar store and it works just as well as the real stuff! I use the black eyeliner to draw the heart on the pink side of the costume. I use blue eyeliner which is more like a face crayon to write (rotten.x) on the side of my face where it’s blue.

Overall it’s a really simple costume to piece together and it’s very inexpensive. I didn’t list shoes below but I do recommend checking out the shoe store “Reflection” it’s where I got my Harley shoes and they are so comfy and super cheap!

For readers who want to just buy the look:

Harley Quinn Red and White Raglan Tee from Hot Topic

Harley Quinn Inspired Sweatpants from Hot Topic

Harley Quinn Choker Necklace from Hot Topic

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Wig (optional)

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Shorts from Amazon

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Tattoo Tights from DC Comics


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