‘The Dress’ Inspired clothes???

So earlier today I went on the forever 21 website and I searched their “Black Friday in July” section because it’s a sale and why not? While I was looking at the shirts that were in sale I came across this one outfit.

It was a cropped top and a skirt and it had the same design as the dress that broke the internet last year. I immediately screenshot it and sent it to my friend and said “black and blue or white and gold?” Are clothing distributers inspired by the dress? If I was a fashion designer I would be inspired by the dress because the color combination is on point.

My honest opinion about the original dress is that I don’t like the style of the dress. Obviously the viral picture wasn’t the greatest but I’ve seen the dress being modeled on TV and I still don’t like it.

Bottom line is I do feel like some clothing companies are/were inspired by the dress and I feel like it’s smart for them to be because their sales I’m sure will go up.



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