Summer Fashion Hacks!

Hi guys!  Sorry this post doesn’t have a featured image, but we have some wonderful summer fashion hacks to talk about! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been super busy.

1.) Wrinkle-Free Help– This is a simple hack. Put the shirt on and find the wrinkled area. Get a spritzer bottle and fill it with water. Take the wrinkled spot and spray it with water, then stretch the shirt sideways with your hands. Wrinkes are gone!

2.) Beauty– have you accidentally dropped your makeup bag and your eyeliner rolled out and you can’t find it? Did your dog eat it? Did someone steal it? Well, this simple diy will help you! Buy a box of Crayola colored pencils (these are non-toxic) and get a cup of hot water but make sure it isn’t too hot. Then put the pencils in the water for 5 minutes. Test the pencils on your hand to make sure it’s not too sharp, then you’re safe to use it on your eye!

Hack Inspiration:

3.) Beauty- Take any bandage or so on and make sure it has a sticky side. Take a black marker and color the end of the bandage. Then, take scissors and cut that part into an eyeliner wing shape. Then, place it on your eye and you’re set!

4.)Painless Feet- This one might be very popular or maybe not, but I use this. Last summer I bought a nice pair of wedges from forever 21, everything was great except the back of them hurt my feet and actually made them bleed. I couldn’t wait to take them off! Then, I bought some mole skin. You can buy  roll at Target for a few dollars. You just cut a square out, put it on the spot that hurts your foot and put it in the shoe. It will stay and it won’t hurt you anymore.

If you guys have any more fashion hacks, comment them or contact us on instagram and we will add the hacks on this list!





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