Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Cosplay Tutorial

Hello readers!

Time is going by fast and before we know it, it will be August 5th means which means we get to see the baddest heroes on the big screen which I’m very excited to see! Lately I have been obsessing over Harley Quinn’s new look in this film as she wears a baseball tee, biker gloves, biker jacket and hot pants. I myself have bought the outfit but if you haven’t and you’re interested, the links to buy everything you’ll possibly need will be below.

For my take on Harley, I used those cheap cans of red and blue hair color spray on my ends and they’ve washed out so easily. If you don’t want to dye your hair this will be your best chance if you want to really do something to your hair for this costume. You can use hair extensions if you don’t want to spray/dye your hair. You will need pigtails either way and make sure you use one red hairband and one blue one to match your makeup and outfit.

For my costume itself I used the raglan tee from Hot Topic and it works very well even if it’s just a casual wear. The shirt itself is great quality. The shorts I bought from a seller on eBay from China and the shipping was pretty fast. I don’t wear the shorts a lot because I’m saving them for Halloween but they’re comfortable. I did get my normal short/pant size (medium) when I should’ve gotten a large. I suggest you order a size up. Lastly I ordered tights on amazon to wear under the shorts which makes the shorts feel looser and they have Harley’s tattoos printed on them! They are one size fits most and they are a little big but with my shoes you can’t tell.

My makeup I use black liquid eyeliner, pink and blue eyeshadow that I purchased at the dollar store and it works just as well as the real stuff! I use the black eyeliner to draw the heart on the pink side of the costume. I use blue eyeliner which is more like a face crayon to write (rotten.x) on the side of my face where it’s blue.

Overall it’s a really simple costume to piece together and it’s very inexpensive. I didn’t list shoes below but I do recommend checking out the shoe store “Reflection” it’s where I got my Harley shoes and they are so comfy and super cheap!

For readers who want to just buy the look:

Harley Quinn Red and White Raglan Tee from Hot Topic

Harley Quinn Inspired Sweatpants from Hot Topic

Harley Quinn Choker Necklace from Hot Topic

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Wig (optional)

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Shorts from Amazon

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Tattoo Tights from DC Comics


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‘The Dress’ Inspired clothes???

So earlier today I went on the forever 21 website and I searched their “Black Friday in July” section because it’s a sale and why not? While I was looking at the shirts that were in sale I came across this one outfit.

It was a cropped top and a skirt and it had the same design as the dress that broke the internet last year. I immediately screenshot it and sent it to my friend and said “black and blue or white and gold?” Are clothing distributers inspired by the dress? If I was a fashion designer I would be inspired by the dress because the color combination is on point.

My honest opinion about the original dress is that I don’t like the style of the dress. Obviously the viral picture wasn’t the greatest but I’ve seen the dress being modeled on TV and I still don’t like it.

Bottom line is I do feel like some clothing companies are/were inspired by the dress and I feel like it’s smart for them to be because their sales I’m sure will go up.



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Product Review: Yes To Facial Wipes!

Photo Courtesy of Ulta:

Two posts in one day! Today, I am going to talk about these wonderful facial wipes! So my aunt used to work at Ulta several years ago as a makeup artist. Last year for the holidays she gave me a bag full of cosmetics and she gave me these wipes. However, I didn’t use them until last night for the first time.

Now, this will get off-track for a moment. I am a youtuber as some of you know, and I am experimenting with a character that wears some funky makeup. I wear eyeliner in a crease on my eyelid and some bright green eyeshadow. Last night I dressed up as the character to make some short 15 second videos and the bathroom was being used which is where I keep wipes.

I opened up my makeup case and I brought out these wipes and I started using one. The scent wasn’t accurate on blueberries but it worked so well! I know these are facial cleansers but I used this as a makeup remover wipe. The makeup hardly smeared and it came off so much easier than using a baby wipe!

The only thing that I got sad about was how much was in a pouch. I only have one, but there’s 10 wipes in a pouch. I’ll be needing a ton of these in my future!

Bottom line is I recommend these wipes a ton! If you or someone you know wears makeup every day, these make a great gift. They also aren’t too expensive (I’ll post the link to purchase them below) and they come in different scents as well!


Order your wipes here:


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Summer Fashion Hacks!

Hi guys!  Sorry this post doesn’t have a featured image, but we have some wonderful summer fashion hacks to talk about! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been super busy.

1.) Wrinkle-Free Help– This is a simple hack. Put the shirt on and find the wrinkled area. Get a spritzer bottle and fill it with water. Take the wrinkled spot and spray it with water, then stretch the shirt sideways with your hands. Wrinkes are gone!

2.) Beauty– have you accidentally dropped your makeup bag and your eyeliner rolled out and you can’t find it? Did your dog eat it? Did someone steal it? Well, this simple diy will help you! Buy a box of Crayola colored pencils (these are non-toxic) and get a cup of hot water but make sure it isn’t too hot. Then put the pencils in the water for 5 minutes. Test the pencils on your hand to make sure it’s not too sharp, then you’re safe to use it on your eye!

Hack Inspiration:

3.) Beauty- Take any bandage or so on and make sure it has a sticky side. Take a black marker and color the end of the bandage. Then, take scissors and cut that part into an eyeliner wing shape. Then, place it on your eye and you’re set!

4.)Painless Feet- This one might be very popular or maybe not, but I use this. Last summer I bought a nice pair of wedges from forever 21, everything was great except the back of them hurt my feet and actually made them bleed. I couldn’t wait to take them off! Then, I bought some mole skin. You can buy  roll at Target for a few dollars. You just cut a square out, put it on the spot that hurts your foot and put it in the shoe. It will stay and it won’t hurt you anymore.

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