Bare Minerals Makeup Review

So when I went on a mall haul about two weeks ago, I stopped in bare minerals to pick up some makeup. I’m new to using foundation and concealer but I am familiar with using blush, eyeliner etc. So I bought the starter kit from there. Which is what I’ll be reviewing on today.

I was busy this past week so I didn’t have time to write so I’m sorry to you guys for not updating, however I am not busy now so I’ll be updating as much as I can! So I believe the starter kit at bare minerals usually costs $99 however when I went they had a big sale and I got mine for $79.

This kit does come with a lot of stuff, so it isn’t a rip off. It comes with 4 items as well as 4 customizable items. It comes with primer and two brushes as well as another powder product (I can’t exactly tell what it is.) Then you’ll pick a blush tone, a foundation, a concealer and a different brush.

I have used mine almost every day since I got it and it works amazing! However, if you have a light skin tone like I do, you do have to use a lot of foundation. Other than that, it’s all working well. It’s super easy to work with and there is actually a lot of makeup in the containers.

I recommend the makeup, and it’s good for your skin. I don’t bother washing off the makeup that matches my skin tone because I can’t see it when I’m wearing it and nothing really happens to my skin, it’s great!

If you want to order this starter kit, click here:,en_US,pd.html

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