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Hello our wonderful readers,

We have some very exciting news for you all and we are very excited to announce we have an official Instagram account! Our profile is on our featured image for this post but in case you can’t see the full picture, this is our username: complicatedfashionblog 

We just created it yesterday and we are very excited with the results! The page might not be updated very often, but I will try to go on and update as much as possible!

Also, we have more exciting news!!!

We are going to start a “feature” page on this blog and post some of your guys’ pictures on instagram. But, don’t worry, I know that sounded kind of creepy. If you guys want to get featured on this blog or on our instagram page, follow these steps!

  1. Do the Complicated Fashion inspired makeup or outfit yourself and post a picture of it on instagram with a hashtag. Make sure that the hashtag includes #ComplicatedFashion anywhere in the tag. We already have some created hashtags you can use which will be below on this page.
  2. Make sure to tag us in the photo! If you don’t know how to do this, when you’re in the posting process, you’ll see an option under the place to put the caption that says ‘tag people’ type in our instagram username: complicatedfashionblog and put the tag anywhere in the picture. OR you can tag us in the caption!

Seems simple right? Only post pictures if you are totally okay with the public seeing pictures of your outfit/makeup. We will not post you if you do not want us to.

Here’s a list of already created hashtags:

  • #HarleyComplicatedFashion- Harley Quinn Makeup
  • #BowieComplicatedFashion- David Bowie Inspired Makeup
  • #PoisonComplicatedFashion- Poison Ivy Inspired Eye Makeup
  • #RiddlerComplicatedFashion- Riddler Inspired Eye Makeup

Feel free to come up with your own just make sure to include ‘complicatedfashion’ or ‘complicatedfashionblog’ in your hashtag!

Thank you guys for reading this and make sure to subscribe below!



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