Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad) Inspired Makeup

featured image is taken from google images.


Hey guys! I’m finally updating again, I’m so sorry I’ve been busy with life.

Today I am going to teach you guys how to get that seductive Harley Quinn look from the movie “Suicide Squad” that will hit theaters August 5th! If you haven’t seen the trailers, make sure to watch it! Harley’s makeup is very simple, this is what you’ll need and how to do it!

What you’ll need:

You will need white face makeup (can be anything except the cheap white makeup crayons)

Pink eyeshadow (must be light pink)

Blue eyeshadow (make sure it’s light blue)

Black liquid eyeliner

eyeshadow brush

mascara (optional)

red lipstick

1.) cover your face in your choice of white makeup. This step isn’t mandatory, but if you have natural blushed cheeks, pimples or freckles like I do, you’ll want to cover them.

2.) take your eyeshadow brush and put some pink eyeshadow on your left eye. Make sure to add maybe two layers of it so it’s bright. You can make a little round wing at the end of your eye.

3.) you’re going to do step 2 again, but with the blue shadow. You shouldn’t need as much layers because the color should be bright.

4.) Take the liquid eyeliner and carefully draw a small heart on the top of your left cheek. This step can be tricky, but color it in with the eyeliner so it’s completely black.

5.) On your left cheek but on your lower cheek you’re going to write “rotten.” the “n.” make sure to not write it backwards.

6.) This step is optional, but if you chose to use mascara, put about four coats of it on.

7.) You’re almost done with your Harley look! Take your red lipstick and carefully put it on.


You’re officially finished with your Harley look! Instagram your pictures with the hashtag ‘#HarleyComplicatedFashion’ and we might post your photos here on our blog!

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~The Complicated Fashion


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