DIY Lizard/Alien Makeup!

photo courtesy of who ever picture this is. Got it off 0f google images, I do not own it!

Hi Everybody,

I know I have been talking with makeup a lot lately, but don’t worry, summer is almost here and that means I’ll be covering more summery style! If any of you have topics you would like me to cover on this blog, just comment below and write as many topics as you want, as long as I haven’t written about them already!

Now, this is a makeup look that would be cool for a last minute halloween costume, I’ve seen these tutorials a lot on instagram and youtube and I thought that it would be fun to cover it and help you guys! I do not know if this makeup is a lizard or an alien, it uses space themed colors but it looks like scales. It’s so confusing.

Now, here is what you’ll need:

  • a hair net (can be any color, you can get these anywhere)
  • a blush brush
  • an eyeshadow pallet of green, blue, purple, pink (spacey colors)


  1. Take a hair net and cover your forehead or where ever you’re planning to do this makeup. You can put the hair net over your whole face.
  2. Make sure the hair net is smooth and that you are not holding it against your face, you should wear it on your forehead/ other area.
  3. Take your blush brush and apply one color after another and put it on your face so it can be what ever tone you desire.

Then you’re all done!


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