Bare Minerals Makeup Review

So when I went on a mall haul about two weeks ago, I stopped in bare minerals to pick up some makeup. I’m new to using foundation and concealer but I am familiar with using blush, eyeliner etc. So I bought the starter kit from there. Which is what I’ll be reviewing on today.

I was busy this past week so I didn’t have time to write so I’m sorry to you guys for not updating, however I am not busy now so I’ll be updating as much as I can! So I believe the starter kit at bare minerals usually costs $99 however when I went they had a big sale and I got mine for $79.

This kit does come with a lot of stuff, so it isn’t a rip off. It comes with 4 items as well as 4 customizable items. It comes with primer and two brushes as well as another powder product (I can’t exactly tell what it is.) Then you’ll pick a blush tone, a foundation, a concealer and a different brush.

I have used mine almost every day since I got it and it works amazing! However, if you have a light skin tone like I do, you do have to use a lot of foundation. Other than that, it’s all working well. It’s super easy to work with and there is actually a lot of makeup in the containers.

I recommend the makeup, and it’s good for your skin. I don’t bother washing off the makeup that matches my skin tone because I can’t see it when I’m wearing it and nothing really happens to my skin, it’s great!

If you want to order this starter kit, click here:,en_US,pd.html

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Lush Bath Bomb Review

These things are very cute. Let me start this entry off by saying that. The featured image is my real picture so if you guys use it for a blog or a spread on social media, please give credits to the complicated fashion. The only problem so far is the price. The one that I bought in store costs about five dollars.

That might not sound that bad, but the bigger bath bombs that everyone uses costs anywhere from six to nine dollars. The prices are different in-store than online. But, the great thing is that you can subscribe so every month you can get a bath bomb shipped to your door! Visit to find your country.

Now, back to reviewing. My mom came up with a good idea, which was to cut the bigger bath bombs in half or a quarter to get more for your money. So my sister tried it and she said the water didn’t do fizz and the bath bomb didn’t do anything exciting except make the water change color. Since my bath bomb is small, I just tossed the whole thing in and it worked great. It spun and fizzed and smelled great while doing so. The one I bought is called “pink bath bomb.”

The Pink bath bomb I got has some vanilla in it but it has a strong scent of flowers. It felt nice on my skin and I recommended! Another bath bomb I feel like I can review is their frozen bath bomb. I have not purchased this one since it is arguably the most expensive bath bomb there, but I’ve seen a live demonstration in-store and it works! The bath bomb spins as light blue and white colors swirl in the water, definitely like scene from Frozen. The bottom line is that I recommend both of these products! They work, as long as you put the whole thing in at one time.

Order the ‘Frozen’ and ‘Pink’ bath bombs on the lush website!

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Hello our wonderful readers,

We have some very exciting news for you all and we are very excited to announce we have an official Instagram account! Our profile is on our featured image for this post but in case you can’t see the full picture, this is our username: complicatedfashionblog 

We just created it yesterday and we are very excited with the results! The page might not be updated very often, but I will try to go on and update as much as possible!

Also, we have more exciting news!!!

We are going to start a “feature” page on this blog and post some of your guys’ pictures on instagram. But, don’t worry, I know that sounded kind of creepy. If you guys want to get featured on this blog or on our instagram page, follow these steps!

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Seems simple right? Only post pictures if you are totally okay with the public seeing pictures of your outfit/makeup. We will not post you if you do not want us to.

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DIY Lizard/Alien Makeup!

photo courtesy of who ever picture this is. Got it off 0f google images, I do not own it!

Hi Everybody,

I know I have been talking with makeup a lot lately, but don’t worry, summer is almost here and that means I’ll be covering more summery style! If any of you have topics you would like me to cover on this blog, just comment below and write as many topics as you want, as long as I haven’t written about them already!

Now, this is a makeup look that would be cool for a last minute halloween costume, I’ve seen these tutorials a lot on instagram and youtube and I thought that it would be fun to cover it and help you guys! I do not know if this makeup is a lizard or an alien, it uses space themed colors but it looks like scales. It’s so confusing.

Now, here is what you’ll need:

  • a hair net (can be any color, you can get these anywhere)
  • a blush brush
  • an eyeshadow pallet of green, blue, purple, pink (spacey colors)


  1. Take a hair net and cover your forehead or where ever you’re planning to do this makeup. You can put the hair net over your whole face.
  2. Make sure the hair net is smooth and that you are not holding it against your face, you should wear it on your forehead/ other area.
  3. Take your blush brush and apply one color after another and put it on your face so it can be what ever tone you desire.

Then you’re all done!

Riddler Inspired Eye makeup

Photo courtesy of @KikiMakeup on tumblr. Found this picture on google images.


Riddle me this! I would put a riddle but I got nothing. Maybe with this makeup you’ll come up with good riddles!

This makeup looks really complicated but can be done! Just, we won’t use the contacts, but you can.

What you’ll need:

  • Green eyeshadow (any light green tone)
  • Purple eyeshadow (light purple)
  • eyelash glue
  • purple glitter
  • mascara
  • black liquid eyeliner
  • green mascara
  • eyeshadow brush
  1. Take your eyeshadow brush and put some purple eyeshadow on your eyelid itself, make sure there’s none of your skin showing!
  2. Take your eye glue and put some on over the purple makeup on your lid and sprinkle some purple glitter to get that shimmer.
  3. Carefully take your liquid eyeliner and just put it on with a wing like in the picture above.
  4. Take your green eyeshadow and put it on your eye from where the purple is up to your eyebrow. Make sure it’s bright!
  5. Now, this was the step that I had trouble on, carefully take your eyeliner and draw question marks on the green part of your eye. I only did one row of them, but if you’re talented or up for the challenge, go for it!
  6. Now we’re almost done. Put some purple eyeshadow underneath your eye.
  7. Put some black mascara in your top lashes and some green on the bottom

Now you’re all done with the contact-free riddler look!

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Poison Ivy Inspired Eye Makeup

Featured Image is not my picture, just found it on google images.

Ah, another Batman villain tutorial! This one is fairly easy and you can get these supplies anywhere! Now, here’s how you can be Poison Ivy.

What you’ll need:

  • green eyeshadow (any tone, as long as it’s not super dark)
  • red eyeliner
  • black eyeliner
  • mascara
  • eyeshadow brush
  • eye glue (can be bought with false eyelashes)
  • green glitter
  • red glitter
  1. We should start with the eyeliner right? On the top of your eye, outline your eye with black eyeliner, and on the bottom with red eyeliner. Do a small wing if desired.
  2. Get your eyeshadow brush and get your solid green eyeshadow and coat it all over the top of your eye so it’s the tone you want it to be.
  3. Put a tiny amount of glue on the top of your eye and sprinkle some green glitter over the glue.
  4. Repeat step 3 but with red glitter.
  5. Put several coats of mascara on to make your lashes bold.
  6. If you want to get super fancy, you can carefully draw a leaf at the edge of your eyeliner wing to make it more like Poison Ivy!

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Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad) Inspired Makeup

featured image is taken from google images.


Hey guys! I’m finally updating again, I’m so sorry I’ve been busy with life.

Today I am going to teach you guys how to get that seductive Harley Quinn look from the movie “Suicide Squad” that will hit theaters August 5th! If you haven’t seen the trailers, make sure to watch it! Harley’s makeup is very simple, this is what you’ll need and how to do it!

What you’ll need:

You will need white face makeup (can be anything except the cheap white makeup crayons)

Pink eyeshadow (must be light pink)

Blue eyeshadow (make sure it’s light blue)

Black liquid eyeliner

eyeshadow brush

mascara (optional)

red lipstick

1.) cover your face in your choice of white makeup. This step isn’t mandatory, but if you have natural blushed cheeks, pimples or freckles like I do, you’ll want to cover them.

2.) take your eyeshadow brush and put some pink eyeshadow on your left eye. Make sure to add maybe two layers of it so it’s bright. You can make a little round wing at the end of your eye.

3.) you’re going to do step 2 again, but with the blue shadow. You shouldn’t need as much layers because the color should be bright.

4.) Take the liquid eyeliner and carefully draw a small heart on the top of your left cheek. This step can be tricky, but color it in with the eyeliner so it’s completely black.

5.) On your left cheek but on your lower cheek you’re going to write “rotten.” the “n.” make sure to not write it backwards.

6.) This step is optional, but if you chose to use mascara, put about four coats of it on.

7.) You’re almost done with your Harley look! Take your red lipstick and carefully put it on.


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