How To: Do David Bowie’s Signature Makeup

It’s been about four months since David Bowie- a music legend has a passed away due to a fight with cancer. Since I am a fashion blogger, I decided why not do a tutorial or an article based on his ever so famous, Ziggy Stardust makeup (as featured above). Below are the materials you will need for this makeup!

1 container of red lipstick

Blue eyeliner

Black Eyeliner

a few tissues

pink eyeshadow

a regular makeup brush


and of course, blush


  1. Conceal your face entirely.
  2. Put the pink eyeshadow on your eyes, you don’t have to do it but it looks good!
  3. Take a tissue or paper and line it up where you want the red outline of the lightning bolt to go.
  4. Trace the edge of the paper and then adjust the paper to finish the bottom of the bolt.
  5. Color in the bolt using red lipstick or another form of red makeup such as eyeliner.
  6. Take your black eyeliner (can be pencil or liquid) just trace ONE side of the bolt completely. When you’re finished with the black, follow suit with the blue eyeliner, but on the same side as the black.
  7. Your bolt should be fully red on one side and blue and black on the outside of the other side.
  8. Now that your Ziggy look is almost finished, just take some blush and put some on your cheeks and forehead around the bolt.
  9. If you want to get extra creative, add some body glitter to the bolt!

Now you’re all finished!

Show me what it looks like by posting a picture of your Ziggy inspired makeup and use the hashtag #TheComplicatedFashion !

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Thank you for reading!

~The Complicated Fashion


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