My Thoughts On: Velvet on Velvet

Okay, I’ve seen actually really cute velvet dresses in my life, but I am going to be talking about velvet on velvet clothing. Yes, you read that correctly.

It’s unsearchable, I looked up pictures to show you guys on google, and it will not show you this!

Anyways, yesterday I saw this girl wear a black velvet top, not so bad right? Then I saw the pants, velvet jeans (like the ones above) but in dark blue!!!!!!

The first thing I thought was “pick one or the other girl, please don’t wear velvet on velvet!”

It’s not even a thing is it? Like this isn’t a new trend I don’t know about? Anyways, my point in blogging this is my opinion. My opinion is that this is ugly! I’m so sorry but it’s true!

Bottom Line: Wear velvet all you want, just don’t wear velvet on velvet because that is a true fashion disaster.

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