DIY: Homemade Bath Bombs

(Above is one of my finished bath bombs!)

Okay, so this is one of the ideas I took from rclbeauty101 (see my previous post) and she made this bath bomb while using an egg poacher and she made a galaxy bath bomb. Now, I am going to include my recipe and procedures.

NOTE: I am currently experiencing some different recipes because this recipe didn’t fizz, but it does work and it makes your bath water very pretty!

Now, let’s get started!

Things you’ll need to make a 2 1/2+ batch:

3/4 cup of baking soda (patted down in the measuring cup)

half of a 1/4 cup of salt

half of a 1/4 cup of cream of Tartar

Carbonated Lemon Juice

Food coloring


Spritzer Bottle


A mold (I used a tupperware container)

A bowl


  1. Pour a quarter of a cup of baking soda in a measuring cup and pat it down.
  2. Sprinkle some salt and mix the dry ingredients so it starts to be a little clumpy.
  3. Pour some tartar in the mixture
  4. Get your spritzer bottle and fill it up about half way with water, pour some lemon juice and start to add the color of your choice.
  5. Shake the bottle and test the mixture by spraying the mixture in a sink so you can see the color.
  6. Occasionally spritz the mixture in the bowl and keep going, but don’t make it too wet.
  7. Keep stirring and spritzing until the mixture is a texture of wet sand. There should be no white powder left in the bowl.
  8. Now the fun part: get a spoon and the mold and start scooping your bath bombs into the mold, you can pack it down with your fingers.
  9. You need to pack the bath bomb in as far as you can go, you can flip it upside down to make sure the mixture sticks together, if it doesn’t, put the bomb(s) back in the bowl and add more liquids.
  10. When you’re all done packing, you need to leave the mold out on a counter for 6-7 hours. Freezing it in a freezer for 1 hour does NOT work.


There you guys go! That’s how you make your own homemade scent-free bath bomb! Make sure to subscribe to this blog for more posts like this, just scroll down and enter your email to get notified when I post a new entry!

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