Check Out My Teespring Shop!

I have been a seller on this Website Teespring for quite some time, but I haven’t really had any luck when it comes to selling, but for designing, I have wonderful ideas! Below I will keep an updated list of the products I am currently selling and if you would like, you can purchase the item by clicking the link, which will take you directly to the product, select your size and if it’s given, you can choose what kind of shirt you would like to buy.


**Note: Some items will be more expensive than the others, but it depends on what Teespring’s minimum price is.***

**Orders and ships when the campaign(s) expire which will have the date next to the product, and if you are in the U.S., the package will arrive 5 business days later.

Shipping: $3.99 for the first apparel item and $2.00 for each additional item. Product Codes will be listed below!**

U.S. Customers: Use Promotion Code M0THERS16 for free shipping! It doesn’t expire! The “0” in the promotion code is a zero.

  1. Queen Limited Edition Women’s Tee Available until 5/22/16
  2. Mother’s Day 2016 Limited Edition Tee Available until 5/5/16
  3. Irish-Ish Women’s Tee Available until 5/22/16
  4. Professional Fangirl Tee Available until 5/22/16
  5. You Complete Mess 5SOS inspired tank Available until 5/22/16
  6. Luke Hemmings is my boyfriend unisex tee Available until 5/22/16
  7. 5sos Since ’11 Tee Available until 5/22/16
  8. Hate Mondays Women’s Tee Available until 5/22/16

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