My thoughts on: metallic clothing

So these things are a new trend. Mostly they’re silver metallic clothing. I’ve seen flowy skirts, high-waisted skirts, leggings,  platform shoes, even backpacks and umbrellas! How I know this? Is because of the internet.

My thoughts on this is that it’s actually kind of cute. That is, the silver kind. I honestly am not too fond of the gold skirt shown as the featured picture. I think it is a good idea to whoever decided to make this trend. However, I don’t think it’s a good idea to wear this clothing in the sun, because that’s a good way to blind people, am I right?

Here are some links where you can purchase this trend:

Silver Metallic “sexy” leggings from Amazon

My Search Results of “Silver Metallic Skirts” from Amazon


You can do some searches on your own by going on any search engine and typing in “silver metallic skirts” or any metallic product you’re looking for.


Bottom Line: I am so happy I have money to buy a skirt for myself. I honestly can’t wait to buy myself a skater skirt (since I’m in need of one).


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-The Complicated Fashion.


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